I’m Sorry Darling

Last night, I did something horrible to my wife.

This is not the first time. I promised I wouldn’t do it again… but I did.

Some of you will remember the last time this happened. We went through a period of broken trust, a time of healing, of rebuilding that trust.

It all started last night before we went to bed. We decided to switch places because my normal side of the bed was under the ceiling fan. I was cold and she was hot so we switched places.

Early in the morning, I was sleeping in my inverted-Superman position when I felt the urge to turn to my side.


My right elbow hit the left side of my darling’s face.

I’m so sorry dear. Worse still, I think I apologized and promptly went back to sleep.

Her face is now a little swollen.


I don’t think I will allow our daughter to sleep on our bed next time.

13 thoughts on “I’m Sorry Darling”

  1. Does she need to apply for a restraining order from your elbow? I can help her apply for one 😛

    Give her a treat tonite. Haagen Daz should be nice 😀

    Adino: 😛

  2. Didn’t we recommend before that you move to the right side of bed so that you won’t do that again?

    Adino: Perhaps I will have to sleep on the floor tonight.

  3. Nevermind la, i know u didnt do it purposely. 🙂 i forgive u

    Adino: I’m sorry darling.

  4. She forgive liao. Save the Haagen Daz 😉

    Adino: Must still sayang her back la

  5. Awww… Poey Chin so forgiving… samore Adino make public apology on his blog… 🙂

    Yeah, better not let baby Rachel sleep on the same bed as Daddy… if Rachel is sharing the bed with Mommy, kick Daddy to sleep on the floor (or the living room)! LOL.

    Adino: I think I will have to do that


  6. Daddy must make way for Rachel next time.
    Sorry I laughed out loud when I read your post though. You are just too funny.

    Adino: Hehe, I just can’t believe I did it again.

  7. Poey Chin, I can help you.
    I can give you some bandage.
    Just tie his arms around his body. Bind him tightly 😛
    (Adino, just a joke. No offense)

    Adino: It may be a good idea haha

  8. Sure. No prob. You sayang her but you send the Haagen Daz to me lar… 😉

    Adino: 😛

  9. Ouch. Don’t be too hard on yourself, it happens to everyone (once in a while).

    Adino: I hope it doesn’t happen too frequently!

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