I’m Going to Vomit Blood

For those of you not familiar with the term vomit blood, it’s a literal translation from a Chinese term which means you are so exasperated and frustrated until you want to vomit blood. Now that I think about it, the phrase could mean that you are going to die.

If you watch kung fu movies you will know what I mean. Someone will get hit with a Shaolin Shih Tzu Puppy Kick and will fall on the ground. His best buddy the hero (the hero never gets hit by the Shaolin Shih Tzu Puppy Kick) will find the time to come and talk to this poor guy.

Buddy: “Take care of my wife…” *vomit blood*
Hero: “No, no don’t talk silly” *bad acting*
Buddy: *koff koff COUGH!* “You.. must take vengeance for me”
Hero: *heavy breathing* “No… no… ”

*flashback of the many happy times together*

Buddy: “One more thing…” *vomit blood again*
Hero: *looks angry. shirt suddenly gone missing showing muscles*
Buddy: “There is…. another… Sky… wal… ker… ”
Hero: “AAAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!” *goes on killing spree*

Anyway going back to the topic. I’m going to vomit blood already. Some people are really giving me a hard time. I cannot tahan (stand) already!

Case 1: Miss Marshmallow

Miss Marshmallow (MM): Hello? Doraemon?
Me: Hello… err.. Adino here
MM: Haha, I always think of your name as Doraemon
Me: Ha. Ha.
MM: Doraemon, I got this case *talk about problem* can you help me to solve?
Me: *sigh, this is not my job* Okay Miss MM, can you please log in a case into our support log system?
MM: How to do leh? Never use before
Me: Go to this screen… click here… click there…
MM: Cannot leh Doraemon
Me: See the button there? Click it… type your problem there and my support team colleagues will attend to you ok?
MM: Okay, must solve by 6pm today ah
Me: Okay


Me: Hello?
MM: !@#$($#$ you, why not solved yet?
Me: ??? err… let me check with my collegue. Hold on. Miss C, have you solved the problem yet?
Miss C: Solved already
Me: Hello MM, solved already wor
MM: Why never tell me? Now over already la. !$@#%^ @@$% @$$!@$
Me: Didn’t the system email to you?
MM: !$@ $%# ^#$@$% !$!@$
Me: Err. let me pass you to Ms C

Case 2: Penang Curser (happen to my colleague Mr T)

*phone rings*

Mr T: Hello? Hello?
*can hear people talking*
Penang Curser (PC): KNN @!#@$% TL this MIS Department
*then he realise the phone connected*
PC: Err.. Hello? Yes, I have a problem…

Case 3: Puan Batman

Me: Hello?
PB: Hello… the webpage you designed ah, can change this and change that ah?
Me: Err… according to the requesting department, they remark this and that wor
PB: Cannot la, now looks very strange
Me: If I change for you then later other people will complain and I will have to change again
PB: No no no, now doesn’t look nice. Is there anything you can do?
Me: Can, but I have other things to work on
PB: Now look very school boy la
Me: … Since you say like that then just email me your request… I will work on it tomorrow

10 thoughts on “I’m Going to Vomit Blood”

  1. aiya..Adino….stay cool. Be cool. You will look better and sexier to yr darling and stay young longer

    Adino: Hehe. Don’t worry. I am cool as a cucumber in the fridge. Just that I’m vomiting blood only.

  2. Must be really ‘exciting’ to be in your line of work! Have you ever told someone to unplug the PC?

    Adino: No la… I usually don’t handle hardware issues.

  3. err…huccome ah…dun understand 99.99% of wut u posted larr…heh heh… 😳

    Adino: Hehe… nvm la… if you understand you also might vomit blood.

  4. I have the phone number for blood bank.
    Hold on. Don’t vomit blood first.
    (phone terputus)

    Adino: Yikes!

    Dun know why your comment went into spam filter la… maybe blood bank is considered a spam word? hehe

  5. Oh, Mister, you still there?
    Sorry sorry. Phone no battery.
    You know lar, I buy 2nd hand battery.
    Eh … what is it that you are waiting for?
    Oh … the phone number right?
    Hold .. hold… I will look for it right now …
    Can I put you on hold for 2 minutes while I type in my entry?
    Thank you.

    Adino: Aiyo…

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