I Wish It Was Saturday

It started raining in KL early this morning, and I was still in bed. I woke up because Sushi my Shih Tzu started walking around my room. When he does that it usually means that he wants to go relieve himself, or he’s hungry. I woke up to see his tail down between his legs. Then there was a bright flash, and the sound of thunder came through my windows. Oh, it’s raining. He was scared because of the thunder.

I comforted him, and started to go back to sleep. The temperature was perfect for sleeping, and a cool breeze was coming through my window. I snuggled deeper into my warm blankets when I suddenly remembered I had laundry drying outside.

I quickly rushed outside and grabbed my laundry into my hall. Sushi followed closely at my heels because he didn’t want to be left alone.

After that I washed my feet and went back to bed. Before I could fall asleep again, the rain got heavier. Sushi became more scared with each flash of lightning. I made a little cave for him using some cushions and he went under to hide himself. But after a while he wriggled out and kept walking around my room.

In the end I had to sleep at the side of my bed and hang my arm over the side to keep comforting him.

When it came time to get ready for work, I thought of every single reason not to go to work. I just didn’t want to get up. In the end, after pressing the snooze button for a few times I reluctantly got up. I couldn’t afford to lose any more time at work. Too many projects to finish.

I wish it was Saturday today. I would have slept all the way until noon.

And it warms my heart that Sushi my Scaredy-Cat Shih Tzu needs me and looks for me when he’s afraid.

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