Huggies Change for Better Convenience Roadshow (ADV)

I must have changed thousands of diapers. Calculating an average of two diapers a day, I would have changed almost 5000 diapers for all three of my kids (I’m so tempted to convert that number to ringgits and sens but I won’t).

As a parent I can testify how I’m especially attuned to any diapers related news. Cheap diapers sale? I’ll travel across town and buy 10 packs. Diaper discount at the hyper market? I’d fill the whole shopping cart to stock up.

We parents can also be very brand conscious and loyal when it comes to diapers. One of the hot topics whenever parents meet is to discuss the pros and cons of our diaper brands.

Huggies has an ongoing roadshow campaign titled “Tukarlah untuk Lebih Senang Dipakai”.


I love the word they used, “Tukar”. It’s so clever in so many levels.

The first stop of the campaign is at Mydin USJ. Details of the roadshow are:

Venue: Concourse, Mydin USJ (click for map)

Date: From 25/02/2013 (Monday) to 03/03/2013 (Sunday)

Grand Finale: 03/03/2013 (Sunday) 8:00 pm

If you haven’t heard of Huggies, they are one of Malaysia’s leading baby and child care brands, providing mothers and babies with the complete range of disposable diaper and diaper pants to helps keep skin healthy and babies happy.

The highlight of the road show is Huggies Dry Pants, the easy-to-use option when you have to change active infants and toddlers. Just need to pull them up, tear and go!


Here are some fun activities at the roadshow, so bring your family along:

  1. Free samples
  2. Discounts (get your shopping cart ready)
  3. Magic performances*
  4. Live performances*
  5. Games
  6. Giveaways
  7. Huggies 30 Second Diaper Change Challenge*

* Challenge and performances are scheduled at 10.30am, 2.00pm and 8.00pm daily.

Now if you fancy yourself an expert diaper changer like me, why not take part in the Huggies 30 Second Diaper Change Challenge?

Actually I think 30 seconds is only possible if my baby is not squirming or struggling. But maybe it is possible with Dry Pants, even with an active baby.

You can also check out the Huggies Malaysia on FaceBook.

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