How to Receive Western Union AdSense Payment at Pos Malaysia

adsense payment june 2010

I have collected my first Google AdSense payment!

At the end of this post is a guide on how I received AdSense payment via Western Union at Pos Malaysia.

The payout amount was USD 240.63, which converted to RM772.

I always feel a bit ashamed to reveal my blog earnings, because it took me 3 years to get USD 240, and it’s probably going to take three more years to get the same amount.

I altered my screen shot somewhat to show the peanuts I’m earning.

I suspect some of you can get this amount in a week.

But how do I feel? My hands were trembling as I took the cash. It is finally in my hands. All those numbers on the screen finally turned into physical money in my pockets!

I feel happy and very satisfied.

What will I do with the money? Most of it will go to BlueHost. Web hosting will cost me around USD 160 for the next two years.

The remaining will help to buy some diapers and milk powder. Not so glamorous eh?

Some of you might ask me how you could also get AdSense income?

My answer is, don’t ask me because obviously I haven’t got it right yet. Ask me again if I earn thousands.

The only things that worked for me are: targeting keywords, strategically placing ads for specific post (instead of display for every post), and generally trying to get search engine referrals.

Some will also ask me if it is easy to earn money blogging. My answer is no. It’s not easy thinking about things to write, and finding the time to do the writing. It’s extremely difficult to get visitors and readers.

And there’s a fine line between writing for your regular readers and writing for search engine visitors. Hard to please both.

I have to thank Vedis for sharing with me the steps to receive Western Union payment.

While she usually does it at her bank, I chose to receive my payment at the post office.

Here are the steps to receive AdSense payment via Western Union at any Pos Malaysia branch:

  1. Go to your AdSense – My Account – Account Settings
  2. Make sure your payee information (name and address) matches your IC.
  3. Under Payment Details, choose Western Union Quick Cash. Make sure the Payee Name matches your IC. You may want to play around with the first name/last name until you get it to look the same.
  4. Once you cross the payment threshold, Google will release payment after 30 days.
  5. Go to My Account – Payment History.
  6. Go to the line where it says Payment Issued, and click the ‘Details’ link.
  7. Note down the MTCN number, payment amount in USD, and Google’s address.
    Google Inc.
    1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
    Mountain View CA 94043
  8. Remember to bring your original and photocopy of your IC to the post office
  9. Take a Pos Malaysia – Western Union Receipt of Money (Penerimaan Wang) form from the counter. It has a yellow header and the Western Union logo.
  10. Get a number for Kaunter Pelbagai (at my post office, it was button B)
  11. Fill in your name, address and phone number. The form didn’t have enough boxes to fit my address so I just wrote over the boxes.
  12. Then fill in Google’s name and address
  13. Fill in the amount in USD, sender country (USA) and the MTCN.
  14. Finally, sign the form.
  15. Give it to the counter, and if everything is ok you will be paid in cash.

P/S: Outside the post office I was interviewed by a Sin Chew reporter regarding the postage rate increase. See if anything appears in paper tomorrow. Just hope I won’t get flamed for my remarks hehe.

11 thoughts on “How to Receive Western Union AdSense Payment at Pos Malaysia”

  1. Hi, Adino, felt great leh with the amount of cash from Google AdSense…;-)

    I didn’t know we can cash out at Pos Malaysia leh. Maybe I will try next time.

    The rate is good hor now, USD3.2xx.

    Do you think the world cup has got to do with internet biz sales/earnings? My AdSense has dropped more than 1/2 since the beginning of June. Also, my paid review earnings has decreased many folds.

    Boohoo! Now I am looking for a job so that my savings doesn’t run dry.

    Adino: Yeah it feels good! I didn’t they have Western Union at post office too, until I went there to renew road tax recently.

    I’m not sure if World Cup is the issue, but same for me. My June earnings are half of my May earnings, even though traffic remains more or less the same.

  2. I prefer to cash out at the bank coz I’m lazy to photostat my IC. Haha

    Took me 3 years too the first time. But after that it’s much faster. Hehe

    Adino: I hope so!

  3. it isnt easy to earn money thru blogs.. nowadays i feel it is more of an outlet for me to express myself. still it ha s got me a lot of exposure n i have been featured in the local papers as a photographer 🙂

    Just a past-time 🙂 Congrats on the bread.

    Adino: I think the best thing about blogging, is being able to meet new friends like you and Benghui


  4. Hey I just canceled my adsense account to change my payee name for Western Union. Regarding the payee name, do I have to put whole name in capital letters? Example: “Wong Ah Kow” or “WONG AH KOW”. I’m afraid I submit the wrong name again and have to reapply :(.

    Adino: I didn’t use caps, i.e. I used something like Wong Ah Kow.

  5. Hey man how you doing with your adsense now? Cashing out every month?

    Regarding the western union you were saying that it must be exact match as my IC, I filled in Google Adsense info:

    Payee First Name/Given Name:abc
    Payee Last Name/Surname/Family Name:xyz
    Address is matched

    And it is displaying in “abcxyz” format, but you know Asian countries would display “xyzabc” in IC/Passport yeah, so in this case will I be able to cash out with western union?

    Adino: Hi Bryan! I am still earning peanuts haha.

    If I recall correctly, when you cash out via Western Union you have to fill in your name again. Just make sure the Payee Name matches your IC so you can prove you are the correct recipient when you go to the bank / post office.

    So, if you IC name is xyzabc, you have to switch the names. Use:

    Payee First Name/Given Name:xyz
    Payee Last Name/Surname/Family Name: abc

  6. Hey thanks buddy, appreciate your help. I’m trying to get a confirmation from Adsense forum to see if I’ll be able to cash the payment without changing the name, as I heard it would delay my payment to next month, is that correct? Or is that instant for the name switching?

    Btw just curious how long did it take you to receive the cheque from them? And where would be the cheapest bank to clear the cheque? Kinda new here and all the info I found online was like 5 years ago.

    Adino: I didn’t receive payment by cheque. I used Western Union. Google will put the payment in Western Union, and we just have to go to any Western Union agent (bank or post office) to collect the cash.

  7. Hi adino, great to see you cashing on your adsense! By the way, do you have a list of post offices and banks that offers WU facility? I went to 2 RHB branches today and both are offline. Its such a waste of time going from one branch to another. Thanks.

    Adino: Hi Dave! I don’t have a list, but I suppose most of the post offices that have online systems would be able to process Western Union payments. The list of post offices can be found at:

  8. I forget to bring my photocopy of IC that day, need to go for second round 😛

    Adino: You were too excited to receive payment? Hehe

  9. Hai Adino,

    Glad you make it within three years.

    I just want to know whether I need to specify exactly which post office that I want to use to receive the payment?

    Earning online is about finding the correct niche or usefull content


    Adino: Hi, No you don’t need to specify which post office.

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