How I Spent My Birthday

I had the most wonderful birthday ever.

Yesterday I took the day off so I didn’t have to work on my birthday.

First of all I went to the EPF office in Petaling Jaya to make an Account II withdrawal to reduce my housing loan. I was one of the first customers there, and it was all done within 5 minutes! I was really impressed.

I didn’t even have to pay for parking since I was there for less than 15 minutes.

I went home and had a nice breakfast with Poey Chin, and we got ready to go out.

We went to 1 Utama to get a few items for baby, and then we went for lunch!

There’s my 3 pieces of KFC in the background
A closeup of the crispy, delicious chicken. The curry spice flavour tasted so wonderful! 
Finger licking good!

After that we went home, where I spent the rest of the day in pure leisure. Ahh, so relaxing!

8 thoughts on “How I Spent My Birthday”

  1. hey good to know almost all the wishes came true… i guess it wasn’t too hard to grant them haha… and i’m sure your day has been perfect with poey chin and rachel =)

    Here’s wishing you happy birthday again.. good you had a great one. Hope you have a good year ahead. God bless!

    Adino: It was a perfect day… thanks!

  2. Yup, Happy Birthday Young Man!

    p/s did Poey Chin get you the ‘transparent’ shirt?

    Adino: Thanks! No, she didn’t because I said I didn’t want one after all…

  3. Happy Birthday to you Adino! I’m sure it’s one of the most memorable years with your cute daughter around. 🙂

    Adino: Thanks!

  4. Happy Belated Birthday, Adino! Had difficulty accessing your blog earlier.

    Adino: Thanks! Sorry about the access problems, I will be switching servers soon

  5. WOW! What a great way to spend your birthday!!! Happy Belated Birthday Happy Adino!

    Adino: Thanks!

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