Hopelessness? Despair? Anger? Fear?

These will lead to the dark side.

People who succumb to the dark side are uncontrollable. They follow no laws except their own.

They do everything for self gain, for self gratification. They hold grudges. They rob. They steal. They kill. They destroy. All to achieve their self-serving objectives.

A society of people living in the dark side is a very unpleasant community. No one cares for his neighbour. Everyone is looking to take advantage of each other. The strong and powerful survive at the expense of the weak.

Now, tell me what you feel after this morning’s fuel price increase?

For my overseas readers, here in Malaysia we (used to) enjoy subsidized petrol. The price was fixed at RM1.92 per litre. If my calculations are correct it converts to USD2.27 per gallon. I’m not sure of this, but I assume this subsidy was put in place as a benefit for us citizens of an oil production nation.

This morning, petrol prices were increased by 41% to RM2.70 per litre. If that wasn’t enough, our national power company increased rates by 20%. I expect most businesses to exploit this opportunity to increase their prices by 40% as well.

Making things worse is the dismal public transport infrastructure and a heavy import tax on foreign (read: hybrid, green, fuel efficient) cars that doubles the prices of imported cars.

I think there will be a cash rebate given to car owners to help offset this cost, but it will just be spare change.

What did you feel when you heard the news? What are you feeling now?

Is it not hopelessness? Despair? Anger? Fear?

If you are feeling this way, what about those who are less fortunate compared to you?

What about me, you ask? I’m angry. Very angry.

9 thoughts on “Hopelessness? Despair? Anger? Fear?”

  1. I will channel the negative emotions into something positive. I think you will have loads of tips for your Frugal Beagle blog.

    Adino: Yes, I guess now would be a good opportunity to get that blog to skyrocket.

  2. Petrol price increase seems to be a global problem … it is almost $1.60 here now. Used to be less than a dollar a couple of years back. Food shortage such as rice also causing prices to go up. Times are tough.

    Adino: Yes, it’s a global problem. I’m not angry about that.

    I’m angry at the way this is being done. At the false justifications. At the ‘statistics and facts’ used to convince us. At the mismanagement of funds. At broken promises before the elections. At the prospect of crime overwhelming our inefficient police force.

  3. Quote: “(read: hybrid, green, fuel efficient)”
    Okay, did they raise taxes on environmentally friendly cars only? What about the “black”, “fuel-inefficent” cars? So are they supporting the environmentally unfriendly ones? If that really is the case, then that’s a really bad problem.

    Adino: No, actually they charge import tax for all foreign cars. The locally produced cars are not hybrid, green, or fuel efficient.

  4. the feeling is the same here 🙁

    Adino: From north to south, east to west of Malaysia… everyone is feeling it hard.

    But Raja Petra said it right… why didn’t we feel angry in the past when all those injustices happened? Why wait until today?

  5. I am upset but resigned to paying more for everything. *sigh*

    Like you, I don’t like the way the price hike was done, just sprung on us like that just a day after assurances that the increases would take place in August.

    Adino: Doesn’t it remind you of the previous promise where parliament won’t be dissolved, then it was dissolved during Chinese New Year?

  6. I think the government really handle this issue badly, as if they are kindergarten kids

    Adino: This is why people are angry… it’s not that we Malaysians are ignorant about the global oil market conditions. But it’s the way this is handled.

    The worst is hearing that these “subsidies” are “wastage”. In the first place, I don’t consider these to be subsidies. Secondly, how can helping the citizens to get through financially be considered wastage compared to the many govt excesses we hear about?

  7. Malaysia is strong with the Dark Side!

    Adino: It’s about to get worse… already there are talks of a massive street protest organised by some NGOs

  8. i am also resigned to the reality that that’s the price to pay but we can also make some (major?) adjustments to our lives to lessen the burden.

    btw, aren’t you surprised there are some many jedi padawans & masters amongst your readers.

    Adino: I’m surprised

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