Rachel doing homework

Well, Rachel has been going to kindergarten for two months now. I think she has gotten used to the routine by now.

She is enjoying herself with her friends and learning new things. When I come home from work, she’s so excited to tell me what she learned that day.

One of the things I can’t understand is the fact that she has homework.

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not like there’s a huge amount of homework or anything. Maybe one or two pages to practice writing Chinese characters.

But I’ve never had homework when I was in kindergarten. I’m sitting here for 10 minutes and I can’t recall any homework until I was in Standard 4.┬áMaybe I had homework but I didn’t do it haha.

But seriously, I don’t remember any homework from kindergarten. I remember singing, painting, drawing patterns and doing craft.

Even in primary school, we didn’t have much home work because teacher would allocate some classroom time for doing exercises. Either we finished all our work books on the same day, or we would all hurry to finish before teacher walks into class haha.

Maybe it’s different if you’re studying in Chinese medium. Maybe all that repetitive writing is neccessary to help them remember how to write the words.

Poey Chin is already complaining that the standard of Chinese Rachel is learning is actually at primary level. I guess there’s a good and bad.

Good because Rachel seems to be coping well, and she will find it easier when she goes to Standard 1.

Bad because I’m not the type of parent who expects academic excellence from my kids the moment they step in school. I guess, I want them to enjoy their childhood learning, playing and exploring the things they love instead of filling their time with repetitive tasks.

Anyway I guess the idea is to build the discipline in them, that they have to take learning seriously. It’s great if homework can teach the kids to sit still for half an hour concentrating on a task.

It’s also a good way for we parents to keep track of what Rachel is learning in school.

I’m not anti-homework. I’m just observing how things have changed today compared to when I was young.

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  1. I don’t remember having homework in kindie too.

    Adino: I wonder why things have changed today. Are parents expectations higher? Or teachers expectations?

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