Holiday In Melaka A-Famosa

Thanks to all who were sporting enough to join “Guess Our Holiday Destination“.

I’m sure you can tell the answer from the title of this post. We were in Melaka a couple of weeks ago. Poey Chin and I decided we needed to take a holiday just to take a break from our daily routine, and decided to make a second trip to Melaka.

The last time we were here, I had a gum infection and could not do anything except sleep and lie down on the bed in pain.

Today’s post will show photos from A-Famosa and the Melaka Sultanate Palace located just next door. After you climb up the small hill (it was quite tiring carrying baby Rachel) we arrived at a burnt church building that was shaded by tall trees.

Some closeups of those stones…

I have no idea why the jolly roger (pirate symbol) was sculpted on the stones. Perhaps it had a different meaning in the past.

Some text sculpted in Portuguese.

Looking through a window, you can see the stone slabs against the wall. There was a street busker sitting inside singing and playing his guitar.

This is a closeup of the church wall. You can see the bricks have eroded or maybe blasted with explosives.

Poey Chin and Rachel standing under an arch. Behind them was a well of some sort, but looked like a dungeon to me. There were a lot of coins inside from many different currencies. I wish I brought a magnet.

Only the walls are left standing.

This is a watch tower that is located next to the church. This tower was used to watch out for enemies. I think. I was too busy snapping photos and didn’t have time to read the description.

A statue of St Francis. For some reason the status does not have a right hand.

The Portuguese soldiers probably looked out this window on top of the tower toward the sea. Nowadays all you can see are shopping malls.

Rachel had no idea what we were doing there.

Next we went to a museum next door that was built to replicate the palace of the Melaka sultan. The special thing about the place was it didn’t use a single nail.

I spent most of the time enjoying the air conditioning, looking at the Malay costumes, reading stories about the Melaka Sultanate and viewing some of the Malay weapons. I was also trying hard to look for nails. I didn’t find any.

Baby Rachel posing. She was a very good girl that day. Didn’t make a fuss even though it was so hot.

Outside the building was a replica of the garden where the Melaka sultan’s daughters would play. In the background you can see the hotel we stayed at.

My two darlings. Reminds me of our outdoor wedding photo shoot.

There was a water fountain in the garden and I spent a few minutes taking photos of the water.

Stay tuned for more photos from our holiday. Next I will write about the food we had!

4 thoughts on “Holiday In Melaka A-Famosa”

  1. Hi Adino,

    The stone slabs with the jolly roger are tomb stones. The church used to have a graveyard and these are some of its original tombstones.

    The statue of St Francis, the right arm broke on the same day that the right arm of the embalmed body of St Francis (kept in Goa, India) broke during a procession.

    Adino: Thanks for filling in the gaps! I should have spent a bit more time reading the descriptions on the different stone plaques they had beside the various artifacts.

  2. Ah, I had a feeling it was some historical site. The statue looks very much like limestone, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it had broken as a result of frequent rains.

    Adino: I think it is made from marble. Limestone wouldn’t last very long exposed to sun and rain in Malaysia!

  3. Looks like a lovely trip! Maybe you should organise for a family photoshoot of your two darlings! 🙂

    Adino: That’s a good idea! It costs a lot though… nothing less than RM400 I think

  4. that is bcoz u stayed at a reasonable hotel. but still 400 is cheap for a family vacation dont u think? 🙂 Rachel can pose so well n stand so confidently

    Adino: I think we spent a bit more than that after including petrol and food costs. But I would say it is quite cheap and affordable!

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