Holiday at Avillion Admiral Cove Port Dickson

Earlier this month we had a mini family vacation in PD Negeri Sembilan. We stayed at Avillion Admiral Cove, and we chose this hotel more or less at random.

I visited the website and loved the rooms description, so we booked a room one week before and made our way there.

We arrived around 3pm on a Sunday, and found a parking spot in the covered car park.

Walking up to the lobby, we were greeted warmly and checked in promptly.

The studio room we stayed at costs RM250 a night. It had a comfy king sized bed which was clean, and had firm feather pillows. There is a ceiling fan above the bed.

Avillion Admiral Cove room

The studio room came with a mini-pantry area, which was great because we needed to prepare milk for Rachel.

From the next photo, you can also see the 32 inch LCD TV and air conditioner.

Behind me was another 10 feet or so of space where the wardrobe is. The room was really huge!

Avillion Admiral Cove room

Beside the bedroom (which can be partitioned off) there is a sofa / day bed.

Avillion Admiral Cove room - daybed!

Outside the room, you can see the PD marina. This is the view from the side windows.

Avillion Admiral Cove room view

This is the view from the front windows.

Avillion Admiral Cove room view

Avillion Admiral Cove room view

The hotel had a few facilities like a pool and a gym, but we didn’t make use of them.

Avillion Admiral Cove pool

You can walk over to the marina clubhouse and look at multi million dollar yachts.

Avillion Admiral Cove

Buffet breakfast is complimentary for room guests. The food is quite standard but still tasty. They served western and local food.

The menu is rotated so you don’t eat the same thing twice.

Avillion Admiral Cove breakfast buffet food

The hotel has a private beach, which is kind of deserted and relatively clean.

Avillion Admiral Cove beach

We visited a nearby ostrich farm, but I don’t recommend you visit it. There were sick-looking birds and nothing much to do (unless you paid more money for games or rides).

PD Ostrich Show

For our lunch and dinners, we went to eat at some of the restaurants nearby.

Two places we ate at, Kemang Seafood and Weng Yin Restaurant offered nice seafood without charging tourist prices. The prices are definitely cheaper than KL food prices.

We also had dinner at Sea View restaurant nearer to town. It was quite pricey (as in, KL restaurant pricing) but the view and atmosphere was amazing.

We really enjoyed our holiday at Avillion Admiral Cove. It was off-peak season, so the hotel service was great, and felt like we had the place exclusively to ourselves.

We’ll probably stay there again the next time we go to PD. We like the easy accessibility, close proximity of eating places, beautiful room, friendly staff and low density.

There’s nothing much to do in PD except eating and sea activities, but that’s okay if you like a quiet holiday.

6 thoughts on “Holiday at Avillion Admiral Cove Port Dickson”

  1. i would love a holiday like that. it looks value for money. benghui would probably spend all the time in the room jus watching tv though 🙂

    Adino: There wasn’t too many channels available, I think he would enjoy being outside more!

  2. I think the studio room is really spacious. Worth every RM250 of it.

    If only they accept pet, I will for sure bring my dog there. Hai. Haha

    Adino: Yup, really worth it. It will be quite hard to smuggle your dog in. You have to pass through the reception counter on the way up to the room


  3. for whose using online booking, especially booking Avillion Admiral Cove Hotel

    I am really disappointed with Hotel reservation that can accept the reservation after working hour (9am – 6pm), but cannot be contacted if any thing happen in urgent. Just like my case, they cannot answer my phone call immediate but gotta wait until next morning. Then they claim that have to charge me full amount at NO SHOW. This is really not fair, where booking can made after working hour.

    I only able to speek to the telesales (), and the superior is totally ignore and refuse to talk direct to me, I am wonder the service by the hotel reservation. Which channel i can go thru to make this complaint again? They claimed that they do not have the customer service dept also. So, when the problem arrised, they keep on to tell me all this is under policy! Why there is policy that customer have to make cancellation 3 days prior the booking date, but you can accept booking online at the same date? Somemore the time of the booking is at 11.30pm on 23rd, and the booking is approved immediately? I am wonder this service and the feedback by the hotel.

    In fact, this morning when i called, informed that she can accept to change date to 27th, but the room available is only the executive suite which is charge at RM348 nett, and I agreed with her. Somehow, she called back again said she gave wrong information, where they have to charge me full on 23rd booking at NO SHOW.

    Adino: Wow I’m sorry what you’re going through.

    I am not really clear what happened in your case, but to be fair to the hotel staff I think they are also doing their job. They might lose their job if they make the wrong decision?

    I’m not taking any sides here, but remember when we don’t turn up for reservation, the hotel loses money because they can’t rent the room to someone else bearing in mind we are now in super peak season.

    I think even if we book airline ticket they won’t refund us for last minute changes so every company has different rules.

    Maybe you could try to talk to a manager to see if they can waive for your case?

    Wish you all the best and good luck!


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