Hitting Some Bumps

Things have been relatively bumpy for the past few days.

First of all, we’ve all been sick. It started off with some flu, then we all took turns having fevers and coughing.

At first we thought it was one of those that would go away quickly, but it seems more serious. It looks like we will still be sick for Chinese New Year.

Chinese New Year preparations are all done. We’ve cleaned the house and put up some minimal decorations, and packed all the ang paus.

The bad news is I didn’t get any bonus this year. The company didn’t meet the KPIs, so no bonus. They did give us a token of gratitude. Employees get a certain sum, but we managers only get half. Senior management don’t even get anything.

I was really hoping for the bonus to make ends meet, especially with some insurance premiums due soon, but that didn’t happen.

However I’m still grateful I have a job at a nice company. I’m happy with the increment I got, but it still isn’t enough to cover the extra expenses. After deductions there isn’t much difference really.

At work I’ve been hitting some technical bumps too. I’m learning a new programming language (.Net Framework 4) and it’s challenging because I have to produce results in a short time line. I’m not completely new, just that I haven’t used .Net in years after moving to Java and PHP.

I continue to be amazed how some can complain they are overworked, when I have to do the same amount of work AND manage an entire team WITH the pressure of family commitments.

I’ve also started to miss Sushi. Maybe it’s because baby Daryl is now about the same size as Sushi (and has the same shirt).

Sometimes when nobody is looking I scratch Daryl behind the ears and say “good boy”.

I’m just looking forward to the break to get all these things out of my mind for a while.

But it’s probably not going to be a true holiday for me. I am just substituting work at the office with work at home.

There won’t be any time to relax or have my leisure time with the constant demands of a toddler and a baby. Especially if they are both sick.

4 thoughts on “Hitting Some Bumps”

  1. Preparation all done? That’s fast. My home is not done. Will go for CNY grocery shopping tonight.

    I always thought managers will get better ‘benefits’ compared to employee. Ahh economy not good. What to do right?

    Hope you all will be able to enjoy CNY with good health. Take care yo.

    What happened to Sushi?

    Adino: Just some simple preparations. In our company the employees come first 🙂

    My mom’s cousin is now taking care of Sushi. He can’t live in my condo and my parents can’t take care of him at their house because they need to travel. Haven’t seen him for 2 years already.

  2. scratch adino’s ears. good boy! have a great CNY celebration

    Adino: Haha, thanks Bengbeng! You have a great CNY too!

  3. “Sometimes when nobody is looking I scratch Daryl behind the ears and say ?EURoegood boy?EUR?.”

    Hahaha. Glad your sense of humour wasn’t affected, good on ya. Happy CNY to you and your family Adino!

    Adino: Happy CNY to you and Desmond!

  4. cheer up adino and get well soon! no increment frm my company either. same boat.

    Adino: Can only hope next year will be better

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