Here We Go Again

Just came home from the OB/GYN. We made appointment because we got these two lines on a home pregnancy test:

Pregnancy Test Result 091019

Doctor said Poey Chin is now 7 weeks pregnant, baby will be due by June 1st 2010.

Today on the ultrasound we saw baby’s tiny heart beating. Baby’s size is now about 11mm.


Everyone is so happy now,  but Poey Chin has been going through a few weeks of heartburn, nausea and vomiting.

Soon baby Rachel will no longer be baby.. she will graduate to be Rachel jie jie.

17 thoughts on “Here We Go Again”

  1. ah, just in time!

    since you are going to be kept awake all nite, might as well watch the World Cup!!

    oh yes, congrats!

    Adino: Good idea haha. but I’m not really a football fan

  2. Everyone’s busy making babies these days! Congratulations 😀

    Adino: Now is the right time for us to have a second baby hehe

  3. Congratulations on your promotion to ‘Father of two’!!!

    Adino: Still got 7 more months to go hehe

  4. Hi ko-ko Adino,
    Just saw yr post. Congratulations !!! ( from my whole family) Great news to hear 🙂
    Will be praying for Poey Chin to get better.
    Congrats again, so happy for you all, take good care.

    Adino: Thanks Sarah!

  5. oit!
    i didnt know lor…
    not until this vr moment…
    prolly didnt notice..

    congrats..not too late right??

    Adino: We didn’t tell the whole CG until last week

  6. and yes! CG will be full of babies…
    and me cant stop playing with kids… 😛

    Adino: You must bring more candy already… to bribe the kids and keep them quiet

  7. Hey! Congratulations! Haha!
    Didn’t know until I read your post! Heh…
    Will be praying for you and Poey Chin!
    Congrats again!

    Adino: Thanks!

  8. Omg.. another one more.. Hahax..
    I didn’t knw it until i read ur blog today..
    i really gonna visit Poey Chin teacher one day..
    Too bad i’m too busy with schoolwork these days..
    Plz tell her tt i really really miss her alot.. Hahax..
    and yeah.. almost forget.. Congratulations!!
    Rmb to tell us whether is a babyboy or babygirl ya..

    Adino: Thanks! Don’t worry I will update on my blog as soon as I have any news.

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