Happy Birthday Sushi!

Yesterday, July 15th was my doggy Sushi’s birthday! He’s three years old now. If you convert them to doggy years, he would be 21. My puppy, all grown up now… *tears*

I remember the first day we got him back from the store. He had just traveled all the way from his breeder somewhere in Old Klang Road. The night before I was so excited setting up a cage for him, and getting ready his food, toys, toilet area, his bathing stuff. My dad went to the store to get him, and when he came home, I saw this trembling little bundle of puppy fur in a basket. We set him on the floor and he began to walk all around sniffing the corners of our house. He looked all fluffy and dumb dumb haha…

The next few hours we spent trying to teach him where to drink water, and watching out for his signs of wanting to go pee. He wasn’t really responsive yet, because he hasn’t learned his name. He spent a lot of time lying down and looking sleepy. I sat down near him and manja manja him.

One game i always played with him was making his cushion come alive. He had this sleeping cushion he would lie on, and I will put my hand under the cushion and suddenly make it move around, and make some monster sounds. Sushi my cute little Shih Tzu will bravely attack the cushion 🙂 I had a hard time those first few months.

He would cry at night when we went upstairs to sleep, and we had to learn to ignore him. After a week or so he learned that we will not answer his cries so he kept quiet at night. We had to feed him every few hours, I had to toilet train him which meant going to toilet every few hours and watching so that he doesn’t pee or pooh elsewhere. I had to discipline him with a stern “No! Naughty boy!” when he was doing something wrong.

The difference Sushi brought to my home was amazing. Every evening, my family will gather around in the living room to play with Sushi. There was so much laughter seeing Sushi’s dumb dumb moments. We felt proud whenever we managed to teach him a new command like “sit” or “lie down”.

Sushi is really my little furry angel, and I love Sushi very much. Darling Poey Chin don’t get jealous… I love you the most ok?

8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Sushi!”

  1. but oopi is very fierce and keeps thieves away 🙂 can even bite and maul suspicious characters. but some say love is blind ..mayb sushi can tame oopi 🙂

  2. LOL BengBeng… thanks for the offer, but Sushi already neutered when he was a puppy. But he very tame one, will surely be bullied by your Oopi 🙂

  3. Leishia, you mean if Sushi wasn’t neutered he can’t play with Polly? Don’t worry.. my doggy very gentleman one… Not agressive at all. In fact, my friend’s dog tried to rape Sushi before hehe 😀

  4. Nice pics! You’re lucky, Sushi, you get to live indoors. I live outside, but I do have a nice dog house that even has a heated floor in winter (it gets a little cold here in Japan).

    Sushi: Hi again Momo! *lick lick* Somehow I always wanted to go visit Japan. Even my name, sushi, is Japanese right? I wish I had an air conditioned dog house! It gets so hot here in Malaysia

  5. what a beautiful dog!! my baby Arisu is the cutest little lhasa apso, i think apso’s have a bad reputation for aggression since everyone i talk to says every apso they’ve ever met tried to bite them. good thing most people think shes a shih tzu – so they let their guard down *evil laugh*

    Adino: Oooh! I would love to see photos of Arisu! And she has such a unique name! Thanks for commenting on my blog!

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