Happy Birthday Daryl

Daryl and Rachel

Today Daryl boy is one year old.

It’s been a year of ups and downs for me.

My most vivid memory of Daryl at that time was watching World Cup matches in the middle of the night, as we had to feed him every two hours.

As an infant, he had such a good temperament. He charmed us with his cute looks and smiles.

Daryl has remained patient, co-operative and undemanding all this while. He has such a special place in my heart because of this.

He has never complained when Rachel demands our attention. He has never protested when his sister wants one of his toys.

Rachel, on the other hand, was going through her terrible twos. I tell you she drives me insane. Thankfully she is getting better now. Or maybe I am getting better in adjusting my expectations.

As he turns one, we are waiting for him to start walking, waiting for his teeth to develop so he can eat solid food, waiting for him to talk.

I hope he and Rachel can play with each other so we can have some space for baby Caleb.

I feel sorry that we’re having baby Caleb so soon. I foresee him getting the least attention for a while (middle child syndrome?). Baby Caleb will need a lot of attention, and Rachel will continue to ask for our attention.

Poor gentle Daryl will be left out, but Poey Chin and myself have made it a point to give him equal attention, plus we always reassure him that we love him too.

Since he is too young to make a birthday wish, I will wish on his behalf.

I wish he will be stronger, not falling sick so often. I wish he will continue with his sharing and understanding.

I wish my beloved son to be safe from harm.

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Daryl”

  1. My darling boy, mummy love u so much. You always the sunshine in daddy’s mummy’s eyes. Happy birthday my Daryl boy.May God’s blessings continue to follow you everyday.

  2. Happy 1st Birthday to Daryl boy! (No longer baby, ya?) 😀

    Adino: Yeah, the ‘baby’ title going to be given to Caleb soon!

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