Gong Xi Fa Cai

There are less than seven days until Chinese New Year. I don’t really feel the ‘Guo Nian’ mood yet, so I’m trying to psyche myself up for it.

This year is going to be a special Chinese New Year for me and my wife.

First of all, it’s the first year for us as a married couple, so it’s going to be a new experience giving money away instead of receiving it. There’s new responsibilities like giving gifts like oranges and cookies to others instead of ‘tumpang’ with my parents.

Now when it comes to giving ang pau, there’s a delicate balance to strike between being thrifty and wanting to bring joy to others. There’s a fine line between being stingy and being frugal.

There’s a desire to please everyone because you don’t want to appear like you’re showing favoritism. Then there are certain restrictions. For example in my family we don’t give RM4 or RM44 or anything that has the number four. For those of you not familiar with Cantonese, the number 4 sounds like the word ‘die’.

The next thing we’re looking forward to is to meet some of our relatives as a married couple. The last time we saw some of them was at our wedding last year.

I expect everyone in my family to be happy to see a new member of the family, with another one coming soon.

We’ve also decided to travel back to Ipoh on the first day of CNY so Poey Chin can be with her family. My parents and sister will coming along too, so it will be a nice reunion of sorts with our two families together.

Will any of you be in Ipoh? Want to meet up on the 2nd day of CNY for dinner or something? Drop me an email if you are interested… I expect to have a bit of free time when my wife goes off to re-unite with her classmates. Warning: I’m very quiet in person so you better have lots of things to talk about 🙂

In a few days, the year of the golden pig will be over. Next year will be the year of the Earth Rat. I don’t know about you, but I don’t really want my baby Rachel to be a Rat. I’m going to tell her that she’s born in the year of the mouse.

A mouse is more suitable because

  1. Her daddy holds a mouse every day, so it will symbolize me holding her each day
  2. A mouse is cute, like Minnie Mouse or Mighty Mouse. Rats are usually the bad guys in cartoons
  3. I want baby to be quiet as a mouse, not to run around like a rat terrorizing everyone in the house.

In any case, I just found out that the year of the rat is the first year of the 12 years animal cycle. There are five elements, so the year of the earth rat happens once every 60 years.

For those of you traveling home, have a safe trip.

Don’t play with fireworks. I don’t know if you will be able to find any fireworks though. I saw the news on TV the other day of police seizing illegal fireworks. They were so proud like they had busted a shipment of drugs or something.

Seems funny to me that they weren’t so hard working a couple of months back.

Anyway, wishing everyone a wonderful new year, with great blessings from God and good health for you family. May you be blessed with the greatest gift of all, which is happiness and peace within your family.

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  1. Hope you had a great time during CNY. Wishing you prosperous years ahead.

    Cheers to the new year!

    Adino: Thanks, and same to you too!

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