Going Green

Planet Earth by Nino Satria

I’ve been reading a couple of books on sustainability, and my eyes have been opened to what we’re doing to the environment.

I have to admit being turned off from all the going green hype and dire warnings because, well, everyone seemed to be repeating the same old message.

But after reading the books, I sort of gained a new perspective of things.

I started to go online to read up more, and I found that a lot of the things we take for granted are actually quite harmful to the earth.

For example, the detergents, plastic bottles and plastic bags we use, the energy we consume will lead to permanent changes in the climate and environment.

I realize that going green is no longer an option for the rich, the famous or those who just need a cause to root for.

Going green is something we have to do.

What kind of world will Rachel, Daryl and Baby3 inherit from us?

Therefore, with this new realization I have resolved to do several things.

Small Steps

1. Add plastics and batteries to my recycling corner at home.

Right now I only store newspaper and mixed paper for recycling, but I guess I could find ways to reduce the amount of waste we generate.

2. Reduce meat consumption

Every animal we eat consumes vast amounts of water and food, not to mention the resources used to transport them.

I am seriously considering going semi-vegan, which means I will choose vegetarian when I can. I will still eat meat if there’s no other choice (or if I’m at a dinner event or something).

3. Reduce water consumption

I will try to use less water when washing, and only when necessary.

4. Drive less

I will try to walk if necessary, plan trips in advance, and choose nearby destinations.

5. Take the stairs

Reduce power consumption and getting some exercise.

Bigger Steps

6. Switch to biodegradable, non-toxic cleaning products

Someone introduced a brand of biodegradable household products to my wife, and we’re thinking of trying it out, for our health and for the environment.

The downside is, the products are more costly.

7. Buy quality products.

Next time we buy major items like furniture, appliances or clothing, we will try to get the best quality to last many, many years. I think it’s time to get out of the cheap disposable mindset when it comes to buying things.

We’ll probably afford less things, but I guess it’s good because we won’t have so many things, and the things we have, will last.

8. Get involved in environmental projects

There’s a Green committee at my workplace, I’ll see if they need any volunteers.


I apologize if there were any inaccuracies in this post. I’m quite new to this and I’ve a lot to learn.

Some of the things I want to do are easy… the more difficult ones have to do with spending extra money and convincing others to do the same.

It’s not easy to change my habits and life style. I just hope to do the best I can.

Image by: Nino Satria

1 thought on “Going Green”

  1. don’t forget energy-saving lights & at some stage, you may want to consider a hybrid/electric car!


    Adino: I don’t think I can afford a hybrid car unless Proton or Perodua comes out with hybrid models.

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