Gladiator Dreams

I saw this item posted on LifeHacker recently… it’s a bedside table that you can use to protect yourself from intruders. I think this is quite cool, but I only wish they had a lightsaber version.

If you ask me whether I would buy one, I don’t think so. I have my fearsome dog to protect me. If anyone breaks in Sushi will lick them to death.

Su’shi the Guardian Wolf

Hit Points: 5

Equiped with Fluffy Fur armour (AC -9) and using Bare Paws as weapons (THACO 1, Damage +9), this fearsome creature sleeps at the side of his master, protecting his domain from trespassers such as cockroaches, small birds and kitty cats. Able to cast Level 1 Charm on weak minded creatures for short moments of time, Su’shi will cause his opponents to want to bend down and pet him. When they do, he strikes with his Bare Paws combo and uses his Level 1 Heart Melting Lick spell to subvert opponents to his will.

Once subdued, the opponents will await their fate as Su’shi’s master Adino the Spartan wakes from his slumber…

8 thoughts on “Gladiator Dreams”

  1. __earth:

    Yes, I forgot the pants and shirt. Erm… what if I’m not wearing any?

    Anything with a light saber automatically makes it uber cool.

    Thanks guys for visiting!

  2. LoL, I totally dig the multi-purpose bedside table / bat & shield! Hilarious! And somehow it resonates with the geek park of me too, teehee!

    fyi, I dropped by via Blogger Network, just chekcing out fellow Malaysian blogs registered there.


  3. Welcome Lynne! Thanks for visiting. I don’t even remember signing up for Blogger Network, I signed up for so many! 🙂

  4. Thanks { K },

    Fact: Whenever I put up a photo of Sushi my naughty Shih Tzu, comments on my blog posts increase.


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