Get a Flat Belly Now!

I don’t know what Google is trying to tell me, but every time I visit websites I seem to be getting these ads, telling me how I can get a flat belly.

flat belly text ads... i really so fat meh?

flat belly ad2 - stop mocking me!

First of all, I have to ask: How in the world did Google know that I need to lose fat from my belly?

Did they spy on my web cam?

Did they notice that my fingers were overweight as I clicked on the mouse or tapped on the keyboard?

Was it because I visited the Biggest Loser Asia website?

Did I search for fat loss diets one time too many?

The ads are everywhere, even on Facebook. I don’t know if everyone is seeing them or its just me.

I can tell you right here and now, how to get a flat belly instantly.

That’s right. No need to wait one week. Get a flat belly right now!

All you have to do is to buy my new fitness video called “The Durian, Banana and Petai Diet with Adino” for $19.95 (free international shipping).

Eat your way to a flat belly!

If you order now, I will throw in a free copy of “Teach Your Baby Piano” e-book!

An amazing order not to be missed!

Learn how to get an immediate flat belly by taking a deep breath, and… sucking in your belly! Voila, instant flat belly!

Wait, did I just give away the secret, and now you don’t have to buy my fitness video?


Err… ok ok I give you a 90% discount if you ORDER NOW!

5 thoughts on “Get a Flat Belly Now!”

  1. yeah… sometimes, out of curiousity, I would click on the ad, and end up, u need to pay certain $$ to get the secret, unlike u, reveal the secret at the end, haha…. One set for me, please, and bank acc no? haha….

    I guess there’re too many fatties around nowadays.

    Adino: I guess nothing in life is free!

  2. actually it is very simple. : ) just close your mouth and dont stop moving. 24 hrs a day. now may i give u my ac number?

    Adino: But your method is not instant… it takes a long time! Though I think it is more permanent hehe

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