Fun at the Park

Sounds like the title for a children’s book haha. Here are some photos we’ve taken when we went to the park recently.

This was the second time we came to the park. Daryl really enjoyed running around the track.

I was so worried he would fall in the lake but so far he hasn’t tried. We still hold his hand though.

2012 june park 1

A family photo when we arrived. Daryl was so excited he couldn’t stand still. Rachel was staying with my parents.

2012 june park 2

Daryl tripped and fell on the grass. In this photo he was cleaning off and checking for grass on his hands.

2012 june park 3

Caleb was having a good time. He can’t walk yet so we take turns carrying him around.

2012 june park 4

Caleb is quite stable on his feet. Now we just need to encourage him to stand without support.

2012 june park 5

Mummy and Daryl photo.

2012 june park 6

One more photo. Daryl looks so cute is his exercise outfit. We have to get new shoes for him soon. We got this pair for him six months ago and now it is getting tight.

2012 june park 7

I enjoyed showing things to Daryl, like feathers from a crow, red ants, and fish in the pond. He would see some boys or adults jogging and he would ย imitate them.

We’re hoping to make it a healthy weekly family activity.

3 thoughts on “Fun at the Park”

  1. Yes we should make it a weekly outing for the kids. At least we get to sweat ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. as the aussies would say… good onya mate! keep up the healthy family activities!

    Adino: Ya, but so far we haven’t had the chance to go again ๐Ÿ™

  3. Nice choice of a park! Doesn’t seem to be crowded at all! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Adino: We were there early. But come to think of it, could be related to the recent news of robberies. Maybe people don’t feel so safe any more.

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