Full Moon Party

About three weeks ago we had a party at my parents’ house to celebrate baby Rachel’s full moon.

My in laws
My family, sans my sister Lydia who’s in Melbourne.
My mom’s family. We had a few tables laid out in the porch for the buffet dinner.
Sushi my handsome Shih Tzu was all dressed up for the occasion.
He was confined to the kitchen area, and entertained the kids throughout the night.

I didn’t take many more photos because I started to get really sweaty, and I didn’t want to get my clothes all wet.

I miss Sushi.


You’re the only dog I’ll ever love,
I’ll do anything not to give you up,
If I could only stop the world,
When you’re sitting by my side,
See I’m having the time of my life,
Yes I’m having the time of my life

Adapted and modified from Mark Schultz’s “The Time of My Life”

4 thoughts on “Full Moon Party”

  1. Everyone looks really cheerful in the party. But what exactly do you mean Rachel’s *full moon* party?

    Adino: It’s a Chinese cultural practice, to celebrate the baby’s first month. I think if you translate full moon to mandarin you might get what I mean.

    We had the red hard boiled eggs, pickled ginger, pastries and stuff.

  2. So fast already Rachel’s full moon! Hello princess! Hey daddy… why no close-up shots of princess rachel?

    Adino: Erm… oh yeah hor…

    Ok, close ups coming up in the next post!

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