Free Budget Spreadsheet

(This post originally published on 17 December 2007)

The Beagle family is facing a bit of a crisis at home right now, so I can’t update this blog this week as planned. My dear readers at my personal blog will know what I’m talking about.

To follow up on my previous post about budgeting, I have found a good example of a budget spreadsheet (in Excel format) that you can download and customize.

It’s one of many documents found at the DocStoc website. You can view other budget spreadsheets or even submit yours to share with others.

You may want to explore the website further, because they allow you to download many document templates such as letters, cards, and even technical manuals for free.

Link: Personal Monthly Budget

Update: If you are looking for more free budgeting and expense tracking spreadsheets, check out my latest post on this topic: More Free Budget Spreadsheets

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