Finding My Blogging Mojo

dew_on_grass by Agata Urbaniak

I don’t know why this is happening again. It seems like two steps forward, three steps back. Every time I hatch a plan to restore my blog to its former glory, I fall short.

Something else takes my attention away, and I end up abandoning my regular blog posts.

In the blink of an eye, my blog has been become static for almost two months.

I guess I’ve been so caught up with trying to write that ‘hit’ blog post or writing something that will attract search engine traffic.

I keep running over so many ideas, and sometimes I get intimidated and give up before I start writing.

To spare you from further rambling (I’ve already edited out several paragraphs of my frustrations), I have decided to be more ‘free flow’ from now on.

I won’t care if I write another ‘dud’ blog post. I will just write from my heart and feelings, and try to let creativity surprise us all.

Photo By: Agata Urbaniak

2 thoughts on “Finding My Blogging Mojo”

  1. that’s what i do – write as & when the idea comes (or, as in your case, from the heart), whether interesting or dud, as long as i am happy posting it. so i have no fixed schedule – sometimes once a day for a few days, sometimes none for over a week.

    no matter what, you’ll always have a regular crowd, only that not all will comment.

    Adino: I think this is a better way… in the past I was trying too hard to ‘schedule’ posts and come out with certain themes or topics. Maybe I’ll try to see how the ‘freestyle’ method works.

    Thank you for being one of the regulars here


  2. It’s so hard to get a ‘hit’ blog post. More so if you aim for several. So I’ve stopped trying.

    I write whatever comes to my mind. Something I wanna share or gloat or whatever. Haha

    Adino: I just worry that if I write whatever comes to mind, I may run out of ideas one day… but so far so good


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