Feeling Down

I’m feeling very down.

At work, there’s so much to do and so little time to do it. My computer Izzie is giving me problems. My development tools refuse to work due to a hibernate config error. I’ve been trying for days to get it started. My deadline is coming, all too quickly.

At home everyone is sick, and I think I’m going to be sick too. Feel so tired. The worst thing I have ever experienced so far is baby Rachel being sick. She cries for hours and we can’t calm her down. I start to panic sometimes. I’m really lost. She’s ok now but it is Poey Chin’s turn to be sick.

I got two bad news letters from my bank. First, they refused to revise my housing loan interest rate to the current low rates. I’m stuck at BLR +0.15 while new packages are offering BLR -2. Well, it was a long shot anyway. There isn’t anything I can do really.

Second, they are deducting RM5 from my savings account every six months, if my average balance in those six months is less than RM500. This is on top of the RM8 ATM card fees they deduct annually.

Its so bizarre. Savings account interest rates are already so low, now the bank actually charges you money to deposit! So I have to take a day off just to go to the bank to switch to a basic savings account.

The lifts at my condo are failing again. A group of residents have started a Residents Association, which is kind of strange because there is already a JMB. I just wonder if there will be a power grab a la Perak.


7 thoughts on “Feeling Down”

  1. don’t be down la. I believe everyone will have this moment. I was down for a very loooong loooong time and I’m still there. Cannot find my way out. haha so get out before u loose yr way like me

    Adino: Wow, looks like your situation is really bad. Thanks for the advice !

  2. Yeah, I felt the worst also when my gals fall sick. I had to tell myself not to fall sick or else, they got infected, my bad times again!!! Put ur eyes on Him, He will lead u thru the bad times!!!


    Adino: Thanks for the encouragement.

  3. It is very rare for banks to refuse reduction of interest rates. The loan sounds suspiciously like Maybank. I may be wrong though.

    Perhaps it is time for you to go whip out your letter of offer from this bank and check for the penalty clause for early settlement. Banks normally charge 2-5% based on outstanding loan amount and some unscrupulous ones will charge on principal amount. Given the rates you have mentioned above, by changing to another bank which offers you at least BLR-2.2% it would mean a savings of 2.35% which is a lot more than what you would have to pay if you stayed on with the current bank.

    And because a loan is such a long tedious affair, threaten the bank you are seriously looking at changing bank. Perhaps the best way to threaten is to ask them to calculate how much you may be penalise if you move bank and showed them how much you could save despite the penalty. It will occasionally wake them up and reduce the rates for you.

    Adino: Thanks for the advice. I am not taking a MBB loan, but from another bank starting with H. I have to check my letter of offer but if I recall correctly the penalty is 5% of the principal amount. I have two years left in my lock in period.

    Rest assured, I will be looking for some quotations from competing banks to see my savings in the long term. Any loan sales people reading this please send me an email haha…

    I feel there is no need to beg, or threaten the bank or imply that I will go to another bank. My request itself already made clear what I wanted.

  4. Wow. I know how you feel, adino, cos work for me is just sky-high and the stress level is mounting. I am crossing my fingers that I don’t fall sick.

    As for the bad news letter from the bank, I know which bank that is cos I got the very same letter too. I will have to change my savings account over to the basic one and yeah, having to take leave to do that sucks big time. If not for the fact that I support the people running the show, I would’ve taken my money elsewhere a long time ago.

    Adino: Oh well, what can we do about those ridiculous bank charges. We are at their mercy, really. Without the bank I will be sleeping on the streets.

  5. There will be down moments like this, but it will come to pass… and I notice many people are falling sick lately. Maybe it’s the weather huh…

    Adino: Yeah, the weather plus lots of travelling.

  6. Adino, don’t ever believe in the resident association, or the JMB, unless you ARE in them

    I manage to get myself elected as the vice president of the RA for this area, for 2 years
    You have to see with your own eyes, what actually transpired behind closed doors! Half of the things happened there actually are good material for conspiracy novel, believe me

    The lesson I learnt : If I want to get things done, champion it myself. Not through any of these JMB or RA. Get myself elected into the JMB, if the need arise.
    Or go to see your MB from Pakatan Rakyat. I am sure their service centre is very helpful 😛

    Adino: Wow, really so much politics going on behind the scenes!

  7. Sorry to hear..
    Just dropped by.. nowadays hardly read blogs as no time – only time for some news.

    Whatever it is switch everything to basic savings.
    Until we get rid of the inconsiderate BN govt, we have to live with a lot of ****.

    Pay up with your 2nd account in your EPF and look for another financing arrangement if u are unhappy with the bank. EPF money may not be there one day .. from the way the BN govt think it’s their money.

    Adino: Not sure if we can blame BN for this… it’s just another money making scheme cooked up by the bank.

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