FaceBook Killed the Blogging Star

I’ve noticed that quite a few of us bloggers have gone into ‘auto-cruise‘ or ‘vacation‘ mode. I remember the days when we used to post every day, or even multiple times a day (Ahh, the wonderful memories of the Triple-P posting frenzy)

I have a theory.

As you can deduce from my title, FaceBook killed the blogging star (you know, like how video killed the radio star).

As with any theory, you must have a way of proving it. That is why scientists conduct experiments – to prove or disprove a theory.

I would like to invite you, my dear readers (who are also bloggers) to participate in this experiment.

Okay before I begin, I just want to say that lots of people are starting to call themselves a blogger nowadays. Worse among the worse of these are blogger-wannabe politicians who used to vilify bloggers.

But I welcome all new bloggers. It makes the blogosphere more interesting. More colourful with more variations. More powerful.

I still remember the time when someone laughed at me for writing on a blog. “You’re crazy,” I was told. “You must enjoy talking to yourself“.

“Ouch,” I cried in my heart.

“Don’t listen to them,” I consoled myself. “Don’t believe it for a second. You don’t talk to yourself.”

“Okay,” I consoled myself. “One day they will understand.”

“They will understand,” I promised myself. “They must understand!”

Then something inside me told me to quit that first blog hosted on Tripod.

Okay, moving on to the experiment!

1) How much time do you spend on Facebook each day?

2) How many blog posts could you have written in that amount of time?

There are several possible outcomes I can think of right now:

A) You don’t use FaceBook. Come *wheeze* Join the dark side *wheeze* Together we can rule the galaxy, as father and son *wheeze*

B) You spend time on FaceBook, but can still maintain your posting frequency. Congratulations! You have a lot of free time!

C) You spend time on FaceBook, and it has affected your blog. Someone should find a way for me to write blog posts from within FaceBook!

So which category do you fall under?

P/S: If you’re on FaceBook please add me. Just search for Adino Chang. If you see a picture of Sushi my Manja Shih Tzu then you found me.

I think my wife has more than a hundred friends and I don’t. It makes me feel… inadequate.

I’m strangely hooked on Perfect Warrior. And my Battle Pets team “Purple Dandruff” is trying to move up the ranks.

15 thoughts on “FaceBook Killed the Blogging Star”

  1. I started on Facebook before it became cool. In fact I sent out Facebook invites before only to have people ask me why should they join because they have Friendster.

    I was a Facebook addict too…until they introduced apps. Then it all went downhill from there. Apps have got to be the biggest reason why I stopped using Facebook because of it, it’s become nothing more than a competition with MySpace.

    Nowdays I use LinkedIn more than I use Facebook. I wonder how long it’ll take for that to be cool though. 🙂

    Adino: You’re a pioneer! I bet you started to blog way way earlier too!

    I agree with you about apps. The app invites do get irritating. But the games are oh-so-fun!

    Have you tried Twitter?

  2. You should start a survey using a free-survey provider…

    My answers:
    1. 0min to 30min typically.
    2. I could have written 0 to 1 post(s); current blogging rate is approximately 0.143 post(s) per day (i.e. 1 per week on average… 🙁 ).

    I’d say I’m category (D): I don’t use Facebook often; I don’t blog often (anymore); I waste my time reading junkie stuff on the web; I should be doing homework, revising essays, and revising for this week’s final exams even though I’m leaving less than 30% of my time for that; of course, I don’t have that many, and now I’m proud I don’t, because having ~500 friends is unreal and unimaginable. I think for those people who have over 500 “friends”, 90% of them are really strangers. Do you think so?

    Adino: I don’t think it’s realistic to have over 500 “friends”. Contacts, maybe. But friends… it’s hard to keep a friendship going. What more 500.

  3. My sentences got glued together! It looked OK in the textbox but got messed up when posted! (I just realized why) I meant to say:

    … and revising for this week’s final exams even though I’m leaving [LESS THAN] 30% of my time for that.

    To say I’m busy is an exaggeration of my time-wasting. Also I added you to my Facebook friends. Do you think the Facebook games are more of a waste of time? I used to play a Facebook game called “Knighthood” and it is one of the “reasons” to invite [GREATER THAN]500 friends because you get stronger “kingdoms” if you have more friends; of course, I …

    Sorry, I realized that greater-than signs (>) and less-than signs (<) are being interpreted as HTML tags in this comment box, so that’s why a portion of my comment got cut out.

    Adino: Fixed! 🙂

  4. You can actually feed your RSS to facebook and it will import your posts and all of your FB friends will see that you have written a blog post. The downside is that most of my friends tend to comment on facebook rather than going to my blog and comment there.

    BTW, I belong to catgory C. Guilty as charged.

    Adino: Ahh… that’s an excellent idea!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting! Hope to hear from you again!

  5. I did sign up on facebook but found it a waste of time. Don’t really see much relevance in its use. Maybe I am old 😛

    Adino: I suspect Digg and SU would be more relevant for you, since you’re a semi-pro blogger


  6. hmmm… i was ‘addicted’ to facebook when i first sign up for it.. i think i spend at least 30 mins once i open that site but that lasted for a few weeks only.. after that the ‘addiction’ sorta died off.. maybe cos i didn’t add many applications.. i deleted all the games kinda applications hehe.. well i’m not a frequent blogger in the first place, my average is only 4-5 posts a month so i guess the facebook didn’t affect my blogging…

    Adino: I’m quite picky of the applications I add too. Sometimes those apps just want your money. I stay away from those.

    Which reminds me… I haven’t subscribed to your blog… I’m gonna do that now


  7. I have Facebook but like a lot of ppl my age we can’t figure out how to navigate it! So we just gave up! hahahaha

    Adino: I’m sure you can do it, given the right motivation!

  8. I was one of those bloggers who used to post multiple times in one day! PPP-mania mah. 😛

    Nowadays I spend most of my time blog-hopping instead of blogging. I hopped onto the Facebook bandwagon a few weeks before it exploded and I think I’m responsible for getting quite a number of my friend list people onto Facebook. Ahahaha.

    I’ve deleted all the apps that don’t add any meaningful value to my profile, like all those superpokes and virtual gifts and stuff. But I keep the games like Scramble and Scrabulous etc. Those I like! Lawl.

    I don’t think Facebook killed off my urge to blog, I’m just being more measured about it nowadays. Trying to put out blogposts of better quality, you see! *trying to convince self that this is the case and not an excuse*

    Oh, and sometimes I do measure my friend list against others and the mind boggles at how some people can have over 500 friends. No, I’m not being sour grapes. 😛 LOL!

    Adino: Poey Chin loves Scramble. You should play with her. The first time I play Srabulous with some of you, I knew straight away I was going to lose.


    Right now I only have 4 apps. Perfect Warrior, Fight Club, Battle Pets and (soon to be removed) Scrabulous.

  9. ohh i thought you knew my blog long ago…hehe
    i’m not sure how u do that for xanga, do u have to sign up for an account to subscribe? cos i dont see anywhere with the RSS sign.. anyways, u’re the comp and blog pro so u should know best haha. and yup i know of some people who spend hours on facebook becos of certain applications, sooo.. have u become one of those as well? Lol.

    Adino: I knew your blog, but didn’t subscribe to it yet. All blogs usually have a RSS feed by default.

    I have become one of those who spend hours on Facebook!


  10. I am under catergory A. Now I know what I was tempted to join facebook yesterday Adino. I was like wondering what was drawing me to this. ITS YOU! I WILL NEVER JOIN THE DARK SIDE!


    Adino: You were the chosen one!

  11. What category am I? I am not a blogger!

    I don’t really spend too much time on Facebook though. Mainly because my company blocks it. Oh, and you know what else my company blocks? Adinochang.com!!! It’s weird – I can read your feed, but now I have to wait until I get home if I want to comment! :o(

    But don’t worry…I submitted a request to have it unblocked! Soon will be fixed, hopefully. :o)

    Adino: My company blocks Facebook too, which is why my blogging time at home has been reduced.

    I wonder why I’m being blocked. Hope they will remove my blog from their blacklist!


  12. Hehe. My Scrabulous application is gathering dust at the moment. Oh, I need more people to play Scramble with! Would Poey Chin like to become my friend? 😀

    Adino: Sure! Just add her la.

  13. Let’s see. I used to be hooked on Facebook, but now I can’t really be bothered. I only check it once in a while to look at photos, and to see how my mates are doing. I’m (B), which means I spend time on FB and still write, that’s because I’m not working at the moment! :p

    Adino: It’s a nice way to stay in touch with family and friends. Wish you the best of luck with your job search!

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