Expectations and Fears of an Expecting Daddy

Over the weekend I’ve been thinking a lot about baby Rachel. There’s just three and a half more months to go, and so many things that are going to change in our lives.

The things I’m looking forward to (in random order) are:

1) Meeting her for the first time. I keep dreaming about that moment, and she smells so sweet and looks so cheerful. However, I am aware that the first time I meet her she’s probably going to be covered in my wife’s blood and crying really hard.

2) Hearing her first laugh. I hope I can make her laugh all the time.

3) Hearing her call me “daddy” for the first time. I’m going to reward her with a thousand kisses!

4) Getting her first kiss.

5) Her first meeting with Sushi my fluffy Shih Tzu. Cuteness squared! (That’s cuteness kuasa dua if you don’t get it)

6) Letting her wear the baby clothes we already bought for her. We had a hard time choosing baby clothes that weren’t too indecent. OMG you should see some of the see-through clothes they’re selling. Scandalous!

7) Her first meeting with her cousins. Did I say cuteness squared yet?

8) Placing her in my father‘s arms for the first time. Seeing my mother‘s face when she meets her grand daughter. Letting Rachel meet her aunty Lydia. Presenting baby Rachel to her great-grandmother.

9) Teaching her how to swim. I hope she loves to swim, because I’m paying condo maintenance every month and it would be nice to make full use of the pool. I would wash my car beside the pool if I could park there.

10) Taking lots and lots of photos of her. And then posting all of them on this blog.

At the same time, there are things I’m worried about:

1) I’m worried about the delivery. It hurts my heart to think of the pain Poey Chin will have to endure.

2) Will baby arrive at an inconvenient time? Like when we’re in the middle of church service? Will I have to drive like a mad man to reach the hospital in time?

3) Will baby be tall? Short? Small eyes? Big eyes?

4) Will there be anything wrong with her? I just want her to be completely healthy.

5) How will I know how to hold such a fragile thing? You should see how often I drop stuff. And how often I sit on stuff. And how often I sleep on stuff. My hand phone now has a crack on its screen.

6) Will she be allergic to my dog? Will Sushi be aggressive and jealous towards her, or will he treat her as his new best friend? Will they chase each other around the house? Will Sushi let her ride on top of him?

7) Will we be good parents? Will I do everything right?

8) Will she like me? Will I be her best friend?

9) What do I do with boys coming after her? Will she marry the right person?

10) Will I live long enough to make sure she is able to be independent?

That’s all for now. I feel better after writing about it. Frees my mind from going over these things over and over again, plus it feels good to share with somebody.

By the way, I know that Rachel is a common name. However, most parents today won’t choose common names. They are choosing more unique names. So if fewer people choose common names, common names become uncommon names and vice versa. That’s going to be my theory.

20 thoughts on “Expectations and Fears of an Expecting Daddy”

  1. Congrats. I was numb when i saw my baby boy 14 months ago. My baby girl will come out to this world in 5 months time. So, i can understand your feeling.

    Enjoy fatherhood. It’s damn rewarding (for me, that is).

    As for the name…err…i was thinking of Rachel for my baby girl’s name as well!

    Adino: Thanks for the advice, and Rachel is a very sweet name!

    Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog!

  2. I don’t mean to be a spoiler but is it advisable to have a furry dog around baby Rachel? Both of you might want to consult your wife’s gynae and potential paediatrician about this first.

    Adino: I’m worried about that too. People tell me that babies should be near dogs because of potential breathing problems. I will check with doctor about this.

    I could always give Sushi a crew cut 😉

  3. 3 months is a very short time…
    Dont think too far ahead. Just keep watching the latest movies with your wife. Because u wont be able to do that very soon!

    Adino: Actually I think it’s going to be TV shows that we will be missing 🙂

  4. benghui had problems with dog fur too when he was young ..at first the doc said it was asthma n later it became mild bronchitis …it stopped when we kept him away from the dog.

    Adino: How old was he until he was allowed near your dog?

  5. Get ready to be a super daddy.

    Do not think so much now, just be natural normal la..

    Adino: Trying to be calm and normal now, but the thoughts keep coming. Last night I dreamed of baby again 🙂

  6. Aiyo.. yr post makes me want to hav my own baby too lah :p

    Adino: Hehe… it is indeed a wonderful experience!

    Thanks for visiting my blog Jess!

  7. Based on your worries, those are really stuff you either can’t plan for or will come to you when the day comes. If you’re truly worried about the birth in 3 months time, then for God’s sake, man! Don’t you dare fall faint or panic into fits when you see your baby comes to the world. Otherwise you’ll miss getting to cut the umbilical cord and your wife doesn’t need to be both in pain and annoyed with you.

    Adino: Faint!? In fact, I’m quite scared of the sight of blood. That’s why my ER experience was so traumatic. Oh no… I’m going to be the husband that fainted in the delivery room.

  8. oi uncle….. wat lah u.but those are really good thoughts lah.i can imagine your parents face, your father will never stop smiling ever again. just careful,. he may give her some sweet. and your mom…… wow. shes gonna burst for joy.but i’m so glad for you guys.just promise me u wil allow me to spoil her whenever i go back. 😉

    Adino: Yeah, talking like an uncle already 🙂

  9. Yes, you should get some medical opinion on the suitability of having furry pets in the house together with a baby. There were reported cases of babies or toddlers having eaten (mistakenly and unknowingly of course) pet fur which were lying around the house. That’s not too hygienic and may cause problems.

    Adino: Sushi doesn’t live with me in the condo anymore. He’s living with my parents. So I’m not too worried about my home being unhygienic. Also, Shih Tzus don’t shed so you won’t find his hair all over the house.

    In any case I will definitely check with my doctor.

  10. Both Rachel and Poey Chin are lucky to have you as the man in their lives! I am sure you’ll be a super dad. 🙂

    You’ll cross all those bridges when you come to it and find that it really isn’t that scary or life-changing after all. Ka-yau!

    Adino: Yes, I want to be a super dad. I want to be there for everything. And I can’t wait! So excited!

  11. Trust me, you are going to be a great father.
    Take it one day at a time, and trust in God to take good care of you and your family.
    Instead of worrying about boys coming after her, just concentrate on learning how to survive on very little sleep! 😉

    Adino: What’s this lack of sleep everyone keeps telling me about? Part of me is still in denial about this, and part of me is dreading it 🙂

  12. You are pretty caring, according to the way you wrote this post.

    (Did you notice that the “8 )” became smileys?)

    Adino: Thanks! And no, I didn’t notice the 8) s I just published it really fast hehe

  13. surrender everything to Him
    because all the children that He create is unique and special in their own way!

    p/s : cant wait to hug rachel… =p

    Adino: Me too!

  14. Don’t worry too much, just relax and leave everything to God! Your Rachel will not come out with many blood one lah, just a bit wet, mayb a bit blood only. I had an injection at my spine when delivery and fall into sleep right after, namely ?EUR~epidural..’. But heard that it has side effects. Can consult ur gynae about it.

    p/s: I m sure u will be a GREAT dad!!!

    Adino: One of the side effects of epidural… hole in wallet 🙂 I heard it costs RM900 per shot, but I don’t mind spending anything so my wife will feel better. Oops hope my doctor is not reading this.

  15. huh?? so expensive meh? I thought RM 500 per shot. Come to Sarawak, haha.

    Adino: I’m not sure of the exact price… I could be wrong 🙂

  16. I’m reading this post in 2011, Rachel is 3 and a half years old, and she has exceeded our expectations!

    Was very nice to look back and remember my feelings back then, though I have to laugh at some of the items!

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