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ride_a_bike by Sanja Gjenero

Last night I borrowed an exercise bike from my dad.

At first it didn’t fit in his car, so I told him to forget about it. Then he borrowed a pickup truck from a friend and brought the exercise bike to my condo.

Thanks daddy!

I waited until Rachel was asleep because I didn’t want her to disturb me, and I tried out the stationary bike.

At first it was kind of fun. It felt nice to be cycling. I kept picturing myself cycling to school.

I fiddled around with the controls for a few minutes, watching all the statistics and heart rate.

Then it started to get boring.

I put the bike in my store room because we didn’t want Rachel to play with it (and get hurt).

It would have been nice to put it in front of our TV or our computer so I could at least watch some shows to pass the time.

I looked at the ceiling of my store room, looked at the shelves, looked at the floor, looked at the wall.

I looked at my guitars and considered practicing some scales. But I didn’t want to get my guitar dirty and sweaty.

Only ten minutes gone.

I started playing mini games, like seeing how fast I could go or how high I could get my heart rate.

I even imagined myself in the Biggest Loser Asia show being screamed at by the trainer. I gave an impromptu interview to the camera, telling them how I wanted to give 110%, and then they carry me out in an ambulance.

In the end, I cycled for 20 minutes, virtually traveled 6km and burned 200 calories.

It was really fun. I guess there’s the excitement of trying something new. And it was nice being able to exercise in the privacy of my own home.

I think I’ll bring a book next time to occupy my mind.

Do you have any suggestions to make it more fun? Any ideas or advice for someone starting out on a stationary exercise bike?

Photo By: Sanja Gjenero

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3 thoughts on “Exercise Bike”

  1. Ooooo I remember that look. In school uniform as you cycled back hahaha. Green pants. Hehe….

    Adino: I remember I always hated to go to the bicycle parking in our school. Sometimes got those gangsters there. And I’m always afraid that some parts of my bike will be stolen, or one of my friends would play a prank on me like loosening my brakes or my seat.

  2. You must get an iPod….music is a big motivator…..it must have fast tunes that drive….pace yourself on timing and distance rather than calories…

    first your goal is to build cardio….then when you have built that you target muscles….especially the abs….it will burn off that area better

    Adino: Yeah, that would be nice. Maybe I’ll put a CD player in my store room. I think the exercise bike can only be used for cardio. Honestly after half an hour on the thing, I don’t even feel like I exercised anything other than my legs and my heart.

    Bowling on the other hand, gets my whole body involved!

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