Episode II: Attack of the Clones

Last week we were looking through some old photos, and we noticed something rather interesting. See if you notice the same thing or not.

This is Rachel when she was about four months old.

rachel chang september 2008

This is Daryl.

daryl chang september 2010

Exhibit B. This is Rachel from a 45 degree profile.

rachel chang 2008

Daryl in the same profile.

daryl chang september 2010

Next we have a picture of Rachel putting her hand in her mouth.

rachel chang 2008

Then we see Daryl doing the same in two photos.

daryl chang september 2010

daryl chang september 2010

Finally, here’s how Rachel looked like when she smiles.

rachel chang 2008

A photo of Daryl smiling.

daryl chang september 2010

It’s amazing, we’ve produced a set of twins born two years apart!

It was really nice to find the old photos. Rachel kept saying the photos of herself was Daryl.

When we look back, Rachel seems to have progressed quicker in terms of flipping around and crawling but baby Daryl is still trying to flip around.

They may look alike physically, but their personalities contrast like day and night. Rachel is impatient and quick tempered while Daryl is really cheerful and laid back.

Looking at these photos make me want to have another baby right away, but I don’t think we have enough hands to handle so many kids at this moment.

Update May 2011: Funny development. Poey Chin got pregnant again with our third baby after I wrote this post!

So what do you think? Both of them look alike right?

9 thoughts on “Episode II: Attack of the Clones”

  1. Another one RIGHT AWAY?!! U must be joking..:) hehe i think Rachel got more hair than Daryl and her mouth is more like a girl..but they both look like u more!

    Adino: Don’t worry darling I know we can’t handle another one now.

  2. Oooh, both Rachel and Daryl look alike! But I think I recognize Rachel more than Daryl cos I’ve seen more photos of her. 😛

    Adino: Sometimes even I get confused haha

  3. I think they have ‘hampir sama’ eyes and cheeks.

    You almost gave Poey Chin a heart attack. Haha

    Adino: Ya la, but I just say only, won’t really try for another baby hehe. I will be bankrupt and lose all my hair from the stress.

  4. ai yah, what do you expect? they both came off the same production line, right?

    Adino: Yeah also, but I never expected them to be so similar.

  5. I got a theory. It might b a conspiracy. When Rachel was delivered they decided u were not ready for 2 so they left Daryl in the oven 🙂 Twins born two years apart ( sounds of theme soong of The Twilight Zone ) in the background hahahaha. Ask Poey Chin. She might b in the conspiracy hehe. Heard it might b some plot to reactivate the aliens from another planet in our Malaysian shores 🙂


    Adino: Seems very X-Files to me!

  6. i tried to embed this but it didnt work. i am trying this way… mayb the link on comment might work 🙂 Just click on bengbeng

    Adino: I have very faint memories of this show 🙂 I think there was a remake of the series in the 80s ?

  7. *likes this post very much*

    … sorry, too much facebook, methinks! =)

    Adino: Thanks Donny, long time never heard from you!

  8. Yeah, both of them look alike. Proven both of them are siblings. 😛

    Adino: Hope the next child also looks alike, so we can have a complete collection!

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