Don’t Wake Me Up

This morning was really nice and cool.

The rain clouds spread their cloak to protect Kuala Lumpur from the morning sun, and there was a cool breeze blowing through my condo filling each corner with its soothing touch.

The soft patter of raindrops on the stadium roof outside my condo sounded like a never ending stream of rice grains being poured into a rice cooker.

It felt so warm and snuggly in my warm bed. I opened my eyes and my wife was breathing softly beside me.

I went back to sleep, and she told me that it was time to wake up. 8:45 already.

I didn’t want to wake up. I was having this dream where I had to go rescue my daughter who was kidnapped, and I brought my dining table along with me because “it is bulletproof”.

Reluctantly I got out of bed and prepared to go to work. I’m still feeling dreamy as I write this.

I just want to go back to bed…

14 thoughts on “Don’t Wake Me Up”

  1. Aww your room’s so pretty :p

    Adino: Thanks, but it doesn’t look like that now. It’s messier now. It’s gonna be even messier once baby arrives 🙁

  2. today is de type of day where u wish u can sleep till noon! u know what, my housemate is on leave today but i need to go to work!!! so unfair!!!

    Adino: I’m actually feeling quite sick today, but I decided to go to work anyway. My boss told me in my latest performance review that I have taken MCs too frequently 🙁 (I only took 6 days this year… we are allowed 14 days)

  3. Kawan, you ain’t gonna get 8.45am lying-on-bed-i-dont-wanna-get-up chances when baby comes along 😛

    But then hor, might as well practice waking up early now, eh? 😀

    Adino: Oh man… I’m not looking forward to that 🙁

  4. Everyone can identify with the not-wanting-to-get-up-on-a-rainy-day feeling. It’s such a drag to get up especially when it’s raining.

    Nice shade of purple on the wall!

    Adino: Thanks! It looks even better in real life 🙂

  5. Wah. serious? That is your room?
    Envy envy

    Just like what others have told you …
    Sleeping in the morning?
    Even sleeping at night will be robbed, once the young one arrive

    Adino: Not that special la *shy* just some laminate flooring and throw some paint on the walls. As for the sleep… well… this is the sacrifice that papa and mama must make 🙂

  6. nice nice room..i wish my room is like dat…
    yesterday,today and the day before also is a nice day to sleep…
    plus my house bawah genting punya kaki…
    rain only sure vr nice..wahhaha

    Adino: Wow, such nice coool weather! Which area do you stay? Batang Kali?

  7. Oh by the way, enjoy the neat room until the kids start decorating it with their toys 😉

    Adino: I hope I can enforce some sort of tidiness… but I will probably fail 🙁

  8. taman melawati if u know where it is la…
    vr near only to genting..haha..

    Adino: Ohhh… I’ve never been there but it sounds like a nice place to live in!

  9. erm..not bad i can say…
    we are near to ampang..
    zoo is like 5 mins walk from my house…
    can find food easily…
    hahhaha and can see night view from a hill in our place here…lol

    Adino: I think I’ve been there a few months ago… to a restaurant called the Tamarind Springs… not sure if that’s the same area or not

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