Dilemma In the Office

I’m in a bit of a dilemma in the office. Here’s the story…

User A: Hello? Doraemon?
Me: Hello… err… it’s Adino.
User A: Doraemon ah… I don’t like the screen this way la. Can you change it to pink colour?
Me: OK.

Next day…

User B: Hello, Adino please?
Me: Yes
User B: Adino, how come you changed to pink colour? Customer complain, don’t like the colour.
Me: But User A requested it…
User B: No no no… change it back

10 minutes later…

Me: Boss, what to do?
Boss: You must get user to sign off before you do anything

10 minutes later

Me: Hello User B? Can I get you to sign off before I change it back? You will need to co-ordinate with User A to come to an agreement
User B: No no no, I won’t sign off because I didn’t request this change. You have to go to User A

10 minutes later

Me: Hello User A? I need to remove the pink colour. I need you to sign off to agree on this.
User A: No no no, I won’t sign off because I don’t want it to change
Me: Sigh…

10 minutes later

Me: Boss, they don’t want to sign la. How?
Boss: How can they be like that? This is not good… *lecture lecture*
Me: Ya I know boss
Boss: Next time you cannot do like this *lecture lecture lecture*
Me: Sigh…

5 thoughts on “Dilemma In the Office”

  1. Eh you didn’t ask them for black and white before the first change arr ….. customers are always like that de. Push the blame back onto vendors.

    Adino: Sigh… in my office no such thing larr.. they always say “ok I will sign later” but want results immediately.

  2. You have to get them sign
    In my line, if they don’t sign, next time you will see your pants dropped in court

    Adino: Yeah, for your line need to get signature. For my line… at the most cause me extra work only.

  3. yeah man! in my previous job, i’ve learned that BLACK AND WHITE ON DOTTED LINES are very very important!!!!

    Adino: Yeah… I’m learning that now too

  4. put black instead of pink!

    Adino: Oh, you mean change the colour… actually the real issue is not changing the colour. It’s much more complicated than that. I just used the pink colour as a simplification of the actual problem, which is one user wanting a screen to display a certain default transaction type and another user wanting to display another default transaction type.

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