Daryl’s Two Front Teeth

Here are photos showing Daryl’s two front teeth.

Baby Daryl Chang two front teeth March 2011

No, we don’t always put him in the laundry basket. It’s just that he’s so happy inside, and it was a nice photo opp.

Baby Daryl Chang two front teeth March 2011

Remember I told you earlier he was biting the sides of the crib? Here is a photo of him doing it again. See how we cover it with cloth, but the little chipmunk can still find the gaps.

Baby Daryl Chang two front teeth March 2011

I think sometimes he does it to get attention, cos we will always drop what we’re doing to get him to stop chewing the wood.

A clearer view of his two front teeth.

Baby Daryl Chang two front teeth March 2011

Looks a bit crooked but I guess it doesn’t matter, he’s still got a lot of teeth coming before we know the actual shape of his teeth.

By the way we’ve got him one of those pacifiers that are suitable for teething infants.

Daryl is almost one year old. We’re planning a simple birthday celebration but may decide to cancel it or keep it small due to some relatives falling sick.

3 thoughts on “Daryl’s Two Front Teeth”

  1. Oh Daryl look so cute eh? 🙂 i really like the photos, thanks for taking them darling! Mua mua mua!

    Adino: Yeah he is. Don’t kiss in public la *shy*

  2. LOL at your reply to PoeyChin. Haha

    His 2 front teeth is so cute. It’s like the upside down bunny teeth. Kekeke

    I’ve seen quite a few babies enjoying themselves in the laundry basket. No idea why.

    Adino: Haha, upside down bunny teeth. Probably the laundry basket is something new to them. I suspect he won’t like it if I keep putting him in there.

  3. yes, keep him safe, check on the cloth often n he is so so cute 🙂

    Adino: I just hope the paint is non-toxic, because there are times we are not there to stop him in time.

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