Daryl Updates

In the past two weekends, Rachel went to stay with my parents so we’ve had more time to spend with the boys.

Here’s a photo of Daryl at one year plus and a recent photo of Caleb. They have so many features in common.

daryl and caleb chang 2011 vs 2012

Daryl is so talkative now. He will talk from morning until night.

Last month he had this weird habit. He would repeat everything he says 3 times. Example, “I wake up… I wake up… I wake up…”. Everything repeated 3 times.

Did your toddler go through this stage?

He was imitating all our words, and he even seemed to know how to re-use the words in the correct context later.

Now I think he has stopped repeating 3 times. I have to check again, maybe I just got used to it haha.

I’m glad he knows how to express himself now. It’s so useful when he is hurt or unwell. He can tell us where the problem is rather than us trying to guess.

I’m trying to teach him to express his feelings like “Daryl so sad”, or “Daryl so angry” so he can use words instead of screaming or crying.

Now he has learned how to say “I love you” and we teach him to say that to our family.




2 thoughts on “Daryl Updates”

  1. glad that part of Daryl’s vocabulary is calling his Ku Che and Ku Cheong!!

    Adino: Yeah. Now he can pretty much repeat anything we tell him. Last night I taught him how to say “ninja turtles”

  2. Maybe in later years as age is more difficult to distinguish, both boys can pass up as twins. They look alike.

    Repeating 3 times… is so cute! Haha

    Adino: Actually for me I just hope their size will remain more or less close to each other. Then I can save on buying clothes because they can share hehe.

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