Daryl Second Birthday

Poey Chin told me that I forgot to blog about his first birthday party, so I better post this one before I forget too.

Daryl’s birthday comes about a week after Rachel.

Poey Chin ordered a penguin themed cake because Daryl likes to watch Happy Feet 2. The cake is buttercream again. Very sweet and delicious. But shouldn’t penguins live in the antartic or something instead of at the beach? Nevermind haha. It looks gorgeous.

Daryl was really blur. He didn’t understand when we kept telling him it was his birthday. He kept thinking it was still Rachel’s birthday.

This time we had a rather smaller celebration. Just 1 pasta dish and we bought the rest of the food.

The highlight of the night was the time we cut the cake. Daryl stood up and sang his birthday song so loud!

He was so passionate about the song, we ended up singing like 6 times. Seeing him so happy made everyone so happy.

After the candle blowing, he went for the chocolate penguins. He put the whole penguin in his mouth.

He kept singing his birthday song at bedtime and the next few days.

It’s truly a joy to see him growing up. He’s really friendly and outgoing and charming.



2 thoughts on “Daryl Second Birthday”

  1. Thank you darling for writing the blog..
    Love you so much my chub-bee! You are so cute and adorable. Mummy n daddy will always love you!!!

  2. there was once we called your parents and your dad got Daryl to sing the birthday song – he sure did sing it with GUSTO! Anyway, it’s great being able to “see” them grow up here 😉 so keep blogging!

    Adino: Yeah you called at that exact time! Mummy couldn’t hear you guys on the phone because he was singing so loud haha.

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