Daryl November 2011

It’s been a while since I’ve recorded down the progress of Daryl boy.

He’s one and-a-half years old, and has mastered walking and running. He is starting to climb up on our dining chairs.

He and Rachel run around the house screaming (driving me mad), but he’s still a bit clumsy on his feet.

Daryl is so active now that it’s tiring to keep up with him.

He insists on holding a spoon during mealtimes, with comical results.

201111 daryl 1

In terms of speech, he can pretty much imitate the words we say, but in baby talk. He can communicate by pointing around and using some words.

He can sing along to his favourite songs, but he only knows the last word of each line (e.g. twinkle twinkle little STAR, how i wonder what you ARE).

Every time we go out, he will repeat the words Nut Nut and Ant Ants! Funny how he can still remember that.

201111 daryl 2

He is starting to get a sense of humour. He can laugh at silly jokes, especially while playing with Rachel.

In terms of social development he’s quite shy, but he will gladly chat with any kakak he sees.

His teeth have all developed, with the exception of the molars beside his incisors.

We estimate he weighs the same as Rachel now.

201111 daryl 3

We are starting to read books to him. He can recognize pictures like duck and cat but his attention span is pretty short, can’t sit more than 5 minutes.

He can sit longer when watching videos. We usually play him some Barney DVDs or some nursery rhymes on YouTube.

He is starting to become very demanding. One time we were at a quiet Japanese restaurant and we were so embarassed because he kept screaming.

He screamed because he wanted to drink my green tea and eat my rice. I was feeding him but he wouldn’t wait for me to cut the food in smaller portions.

A little preview of the coming terrible twos I suppose.

In the next few months I’m hoping that he can get more stable on his feet, then we won’t have to worry about him falling down.

I know he’s going to keep testing his boundaries but I hope we will be able to deal with it better.


3 thoughts on “Daryl November 2011”

  1. Hahaha…good photos! He’s so happy he seems oblivious to the noodles scattered all over his head! 😀

    Adino: Yeah I quickly ran to get my camera when I saw the noodles. Forgot to close the curtain so the shots were over-exposed.

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