Daryl Boy May 2011

Here are some of the latest photos of Daryl.

How does 1-year old Daryl look like? To us, he has the same look as his infancy. Can’t really tell he is 1 year old because he’s still so bald.

Daryl May 2011

He has grown a bit taller and his face has got a bit sharper. Lost some of his chubbiness.

Daryl May 2011

In terms of development, he can’t stand or walk yet. He can pull himself up on furniture and climb up to our sofa.

He has two teeth at the top and the bottom. Right now he is always trying out his new teeth by clicking them together and biting all sorts of things (including mommy).

He can’t say many words yet. Still nen nen (milk), mum mum (food), ta ta (bye), da da (daddy hehe) and AAAAHHHH (angry). Sometimes he calls ma ma (mommy) but that is very rare.

Daryl May 2011

Daryl loves to smile, and he smiles so easily. Even when we try to be strict with him, he smiles back to charm us and we forget his naughtiness.

I can understand why he smiles. I’m the same. We use smiles to diffuse tense situations and conflicts.

We’re really happy that he and Rachel are getting along. They can play together and entertain each other. As usual Rachel will snatch away anything he is playing with and he will not protest.

At this stage, he has become more interactive with everyone around him. It used to be, as a baby he would be occupied with his small world. Now he’s opening up to actually see his environment.

He’s exploring every corner of our condo. He’s trying out all our furniture, doors, and even opening all the drawers to see what’s inside.

Daryl May 2011

Things are changing so fast. Things are happening so quickly.

Part of me wants it all to pass quickly. Part of me wants it to slow down so I can rest.

Baby Caleb will be born in 2 months. Honestly I confess I do not spend as much time talking to Poey Chin’s belly as in the first two kids. I wonder if he will know my voice next time.

I know he’ll definitely know Rachel and Daryl’s voice.

Baby Caleb is really active especially in the evenings. He will be kicking and turning in the womb when he hears Daryl and Rachel playing.

3 thoughts on “Daryl Boy May 2011”

  1. OOhh, look at that cheeky smile..hehe..always brings me to smile 🙂 i think he is not as ’round’ as last time. Now he is more cute as well..

  2. wow.. long long time din visit your blog le…
    Your kid so big liao ar

    Adino: Welcome back keeyit! Yeah so big and having another son soon.

  3. Baby Daryl has grown so much ! His face still hasn’t changed much though. Still looks so adorable =)

    Adino: Yeah, his face still the same but his body a bit longer!

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