Daddyhood Contemplations

This is a picture I took of my cup of instant oats one morning. Don’t ask me why I always like to take pictures of stuff on my dining table. Maybe that’s the only area in my condo with good natural lighting.

I wanted to capture the hot steam coming out of the cup, but I guess the light was too dim. In the top right corner of the photo is an accidental reflection of Poey Chin’s cup of milky Milo.

Anyway, to get on the topic of today’s post, I’ve been having more daddyhood contemplations recently.

First of all, I have to decide pretty soon about getting medical insurance for baby Rachel. If that decision wasn’t difficult enough, most insurance plans come together with a child education or investment option.

I don’t really have a lot of time to do research, but I know I have to. This is a 20 year commitment, not something to be taken lightly.

Second, I have also been playing with the idea of transmigrating to a different city. Somewhere with a lower cost of living, less traffic jams, lower population, and friendlier neighbours.

Somewhere like Ipoh.

The only major problems I see are finding a job, and being further away from my family. It’s going to be hard to find a job that pays the same, if I can even find a job in the first place.

Then there’s a need to plan for Rachel’s education.

Then there’s a need to prepare financially for a second baby.

There’s just so much to think about. So much to plan.

So little time.

Today’s blog post title sounds like it could be used for a new blog name. What do you think? Do you think there’s a market for a daddy blog called

5 thoughts on “Daddyhood Contemplations”

  1. daddyhood or fatherhood fits this blog better i guess:P lol
    Congrats on the second baby:)

    Adino: Ah! No second baby yet la…

  2. It’ll be a refreshing change to read about a daddy blogger. 🙂

    Thinking about a 2nd kid so fast? o.0

    Adino: Maybe I will just continue that topic in this blog as the simpleU suggests

  3. Haha
    Relax pal
    Don’t worry too much

    Adino: I think maybe I’m too relaxed haha…. I haven’t taken much effort to start doing my research.

  4. That picture looks like it was made by a 3D program! Anyway, it was really nice and relaxing.

    I’m glad you’re taking this parenting job so seriously – it’s a good start. Don’t overwork yourself, just do the best you can for Rachel.

    Adino: Really looks like a CG image? Cool!

    I have to take it seriously… it’s my responsibility!

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