Daddy In an Accident

Yesterday morning my dad was hit by a car as he was cycling in Kota Kemuning.

I don’t have much time to write this, but here’s the main points

  1. We think he was hit from behind
  2. I got a call from my mom in the morning and rushed over to Klang GH
  3. My mom wanted to transfer to a private hospital, but the one we tried nearest to our home did not accept him. I had to decide to admit him into Klang GH.
  4. I spent the entire day in the ER waiting and waiting and waiting for each procedure to be done. It took hours to get anyone to come.
  5. TheX-rays showed a fracture in the skull. “Slight discontinuity” is what the medical officer said, but I don’t know what that means.
  6. Four hours later we got a CT scan which shows no bleeding in the brain. He was moved to ICU for observation.
  7. Seven hours after his accident, my dad got his wounds dressed and his head wound sutured.
  8. After they were done, we had to wait ONE HOUR to move him to a ward.
  9. I know I am being too posh when I say this, but the ward is worse than what I ever expected. My dad’s bed is beside a prisoner escorted by three police men.
  10. My mom spent the night there, and I will be going over soon to take over from her
  11. Today we will try to transfer my dad over to SMC or Assunta for better recuperative care plus get some second opinion diagnosis, since we are worried about internal injuries to his body.
  12. The driver of the car who hit him has came to apologize and offer support but hinted that he wants to ‘settle’ because he cannot afford to lose his license. But we still have to make a police report for insurance claims purposes.

I have nothing against government hospitals. In fact I think the doctors are highly experienced and trained. It’s just that the attention is too slow due to the huge number of people they have to attend to. Plus, Klang is quite far away for me to travel to.

Yesterday daddy could move his limbs, and can talk and respond to questions. But he said that he felt dizzy although there was no vomiting. He also seemed very tired and sleepy, but I’m guessing that his body is handling the trauma.

I have two specific prayer needs:

  • My dad will feel better today, good enough to at least sit up.
  • We will be able to transfer to a private hospital without further trauma.

Wow, one day in hospital and I picked up so many medical terms already.

Anyway, all through the day one phrase came to mind. “Yet will I praise Thee“, which is a song we sang on Saturday celebration in DUMC. And I do praise God, not that I enjoy my dad being hurt, but because I know I can trust in Him and I can see a lot of God’s blessing all through yesterday which came in many forms.

It was an extremely emotional day for me yesterday, but I can’t show any of it. I have another long day ahead of me.

I got to go now. As I write this my sis has arrived at the hospital. She flew over last night from Melbourne.

12 thoughts on “Daddy In an Accident”

  1. You stay calm, ok?
    many things need to be done, yet
    After you settle everything, then only we start to rant, ok?

    Adino: Yeah… I was calm. It’s just that I was forced to make a lot of decisions on the spot and I’m not sure if I chose wrongly or not. As for the ranting, I have enough to fill my blog for one month but I will refrain from publishing statements that could get me in trouble. Nowadays a lot of people like to make police reports and lawsuits against bloggers 😉

    I can tell you about all those things ‘off line’, but I’m sure you know it all already since you are a dr.

  2. Lodge a police report. Make sure it is done.

    And get your dad have a thorough scan. SJMC would be a good choice. If he has any insurance coverage, inform the agent / insurance company so that they can pick up the medical bills.

    After your dad is discharged and having lodged a police report, file a claim against the car’s insurance company for damages. You will need a lawyer for that.

    Adino: Thanks for the pro advice 🙂

    An initial police report has been lodged by the hospital, but they still want my dad to make a report personally (at a later time when he is well) because none of us were at the accident scene and our report will not be acceptable.

    His company will cover his medical bills. As for claiming damages, you’re the first lawyer to come to mind so I may be dropping you an email soon 🙂 It is my dad’s decision to pursue that or not.

  3. Trust the good Lord in everything, for He alone will give you deliverance.
    Take care, I’ll keep your daddy in my prayers.

    Adino: Thank you for your prayer. I am trusting in the Lord. There’s nothing else I can do.

  4. Have faith in the Lord, for He will deliver your dad from harm.

    Wishing your dad a speedy recovery.

    Adino: Thanks, Tine. God is faithful and consistent in His love for us. Even though a bad thing has happened but we will turn it to God’s glory.

  5. I hope your dad is alright.

    Actually same situation happened to my mum early of this year as she ride motorbike to pasar and knocked by a car.. She admitted to hospital for almost 2 weeks.. Now her legs will pain if raining.. sigh

    Adino: He’s better now, and on the road to recovery. Thank for your concern. Your mom is it joints pain or the leg bones pain?

  6. Heard from PC about your dad.
    Will definitely keep him and the rest of your family in prayer!
    Hope he has a speedy recovery!

    Adino: Thanks, heard you were sick with food poisoning too. You take care too.

  7. will be praying for ur dad’s speedy recovery..
    you gotta get enough rest so dat u can take good care of ur dad after and before discharge..
    hope to hear good news from u in the next post!

    Adino: It’s hard to sleep at night knowing that my dad is lying in a third class ward.

  8. I’m so sorry to hear about your dad, Adino. I’ll keep him in my prayers too. Hang in there, okay?

    Adino: Thank you. We’re feeling better now that we are sure there aren’t more serious injuries

  9. yea..i know how u feel as ur dad need to stay in a third ward class…
    but cant change meh?

    Adino: We tried but it was full 🙂 Anyway I kept waking up at night, and waking up my wife to chat with her. I guess I was too worried.

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