Creating Something New From Something Old

I’ve developed a new interest in creating things. I’m not very good at making things.

All my life I’ve scored really low marks or even failed art subject in school.

I don’t know if it’s from lack of technique or lack of focus. But definitely some lack of talent in terms of creativity.

Rachel’s colour pencil box was torn and I decided to create a new box from her Sustagen milk powder carton.

It was a coincidence that the milk box had the same height as the old box, so all I had to do was measure out the right width, make some folds and glue it together.

I cut out a bit of the logo from the old box and pasted it over the new box so she would know what was inside.

Rachel didn’t seem to have any reaction to the new box. Maybe she doesn’t like it but I’m just happy I managed to make something out of old cardboard box and some glue.

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