Coffee Beaned

This is not a review, but a sharing of my experience.

Today I did something I have not  done in a long, long time. I didn’t have change to pay for my parking ticket, and I saw a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf store and decided to get a coffee.

Okay I know that sounded like a flimsy excuse to get a cup of gourmet coffee, but hear me out.

The store was empty (because it was dinner time) and I placed my order. I watched the barista and basically he mixed a shot espresso into a glass of heated milk.

Less than a minute later I had my cup of cafe latte.

coffee bean latte

Last week I finished reading Starbucked, one of the many books that tell the story of how Starbucks became the mega coffee chain.

I picked up the book expecting to learn their business model, but I learned a lot about coffee instead.

I was very, very curious to try a cup of coffee now that I knew a bit more.

It’s like when you want to try wines after you learn about wine.

I have to pause here to remind you that I’m not a regular coffee drinker. I have tried Coffee Bean and Starbucks before, and I always thought it was too strong. Now I know why.

Okay, back to my story of Coffee Bean.

Incidentally I learned that Coffee Bean was in business before Starbucks (hence their Established 1963 tag line), but I believe Starbucks came to Malaysia first.

I sipped my cup of Coffee Bean with trembling lips (partly because it was still hot).

The coffee swirled around my mouth for a while. I tasted the roasted coffee aroma. I tasted the milk. And nothing else really.

Then I waited to see what happened.

My stomach had a reaction immediately. A slight fluttering and discomfort.

I suppose there were two reasons for my stomach discomfort. First of all, my body was probably warning me that I had ingested some toxin. Second reason was probably the milk (I don’t like milk).

A few minutes later I felt a jolt of alertness.

I felt this rush, like I could do a hundred things at once. I think I found the cure for writer’s block. I couldn’t wait to get home to start writing. I just hope those ideas aren’t too bad.

When I got home, my mood seemed to be happier. Nothing could get me upset, not even when the kids started screaming.

It’s like I was drugged.


I won’t be consuming a lot of coffee any time soon.

RM12 (about 4 USD) for a cup of coffee is an expensive addiction to have.

But the next time I go for Starbucks (and Coffee Bean) coffee, I’ll understand why I’m paying so much money (it’s the experience and lifestyle). I’ll know why the coffee tastes the way it does.

Honestly, I’m still quite traditional.

I still prefer the flavour of my Aik Cheong Kopi-O.

P/S: I took that photo with manual setting and manual focus, one-handed, and nailed it on the first shot (according to my low standards la). I wonder if coffee had anything to do with it…




6 thoughts on “Coffee Beaned”

  1. LOL. I should attempt to write immediately after I have my next Starbucks drink. 😛

    Adino: Yeah, I think you would be typing much faster too haha

  2. So envious. I don’t get that kind of kick anymore unless it’s a double expresso or something. Chronic caffeine exposure…

    Adino: Maybe you can go cold turkey for a week, then see if helps hehe

  3. i agree with fibrate – after downing an average a cup of coffee a day, neither CB nor SB gives me that kick. it’s just as well i stick to regular coffee.

    Adino: Wow I’m really a coffee rookie then haha.

  4. I have to respond to the cold turkey suggestion – I WILL DIE. CAFFEINE SUSTAINS ME. There, spoken like a true addict LOL

    Adino: Haha yeah I was just teasing you


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