Churp Churp Cheque

2012 may churpchurp cheque

Just wanted to share that I’ve received my first Churp Churp cheque!

Churp Churp is a site where you get paid to share ads on your social media accounts.

This will probably be my last cheque, since my Churp Churp account is going dormant from lack of activity on my part and a lack of assignments on their part.

I cashed in the cheque last month but I can’t even remember what I spent the money on. Probably absorbed for general expenses.

Sometimes it’s sad when you realize RM154 can’t get you much nowadays. A pack of Wrigley’s chewing gum now costs RM1 and it used to cost 50 sen!


1 thought on “Churp Churp Cheque”

  1. Wah congrats. Keep tabung lo.

    Mine stuck at RM40.
    I wonder why they don’t give assignments out anymore. What’s the use of joining Churp Churp then.

    Adino: Yeah, same here. After a while no more assignments so I give up and cashed out. Maybe I was disqualified from campaigns?

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