Chim Kindergarten

I was a drop out. A kindergarten drop out, that is.

I remember my first day attending kindergarten at some place called Grace Kindergarten and I cried until my parents came to take me home. I never went back there.

Then my parents enrolled me in Chim Kindergarten, or Tadika Chim. I don’t know what it was, but I was quite comfortable at Chim Kindergarden. I attended the on in Section 14 PJ, but I think they have 3 other branches now.

Why am I suddenly writing about this? Well as I woke up this morning there was some sort of party or ceremony going on in the stadium near my condo. I hear a lot of cheery children song. During the speech, I suddenly caught the words ‘Chim Kindergarten’.

And the memories came flooding back. The memories about my days in Chim Pre School are fragmented, but let me share a few things I remember.

*cue that flash back sound effect from Lost*

The year would probably be 1985.

  1. I remember art classes. Teacher would give us paper with squares printed on them and we would have to follow the patterns she drew on the board.
  2. I also remember outdoor art classes. We actually had easels to draw on. I think I was too busy trying to mix paint properly.
  3. I remember during craft classes, the cook lady downstairs would come to class and give each student some glue from a pot. Once I saw the lady give a large spoonful of stuff to teacher and she started eating it. And so I ate my glue too. Now that I think of it, maybe the lady gave teacher porridge instead of glue.
  4. I remember being part of a choir singing “My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean”. I was kneeling on the floor, singing half heartedly and looking at my knees.
  5. I used to sit beside a girl named Emily. She wouldn’t lend me her colour pencils, and she had such a nice set of err.. colour pencils (you know, the 48 colour sets). Our class was upstairs, and we had to climb this dim staircase to get to class. One day she came running down the stairs and kissed me on the cheek.
  6. I remember our graduation party. We had to bring our own cups, and because I forgot to tell my parents we had to make do with a glass cup. Teacher told me not to break it. I broke it.
  7. I remember our principal had Marge Simpson hair.
  8. I remember posing for the graduation photograph and wondering what in the world was happening and what a ‘graduation’ was.
  9. I don’t remember mixing around at all, an anti-social habit that I continue to have even today.

Did any of you attend the same kindergarten? What about your memories from kindergarten?

14 thoughts on “Chim Kindergarten”

  1. Wow.. your memories of your kindergarten-hood are so detailed!

    I wish I could remember mine that well… but I do remember one incident where I barfed all over my friend’s school bag.. sighz.. I couldn’t hold it in.. 🙁

    Adino: Wah, that must have been quite a bad experience for your friend!

  2. First thing I recall from kindergarten: crying during the first visit. Wasn’t a good way to start, but I managed to get through… somehow. (foggy memories)

    Adino: I think I was crying too. I’m not sure if this is something all first born children experience?

  3. Actually I’m a kindergarten drop out too. My was being bullied by those kids that having the same bus with me. Therefore, I cried my parents to stop me from going to that kindergarten and at the end I was switched to another kindergarten.

    Adino: Bullies at such a young age? That’s terrible!

  4. Haha so funny la darling, u ate glue? There are so many ‘hidden’ secret u never tell me eh? I was from a Methodist Kindergarten i remember i used to cry a lot too and my mom will sit in the bus with me to come to school with me and pick me up also for almost 1 month i think. Anyway the only memory i have was we have assembly outside and we all have to sit on the floor. And the principle is a very tall lady. Don’t remember about the classes thou. But i got quite a number of good friends.

    Adino: You have always been so sociable since young!

  5. remember the principal bowing to the idol outside? and how we kept thinking her hair will get burned, and i remember making fun of her bowing down to it… was the funniest thing. man, i remember chim kindergarden.anyways, for you poey chin, there’s alot of things that you don’t know about your hubby…. 😉

    Adino: I don’t remember that part haha… and as for Poey Chin I think I’ve told her a lot already!

  6. oh i love kindies!!
    cause my montesorri and kindergarten is just right opposite the beach… teachers would bring us there every evening..and after shower the girls will be rushing to a teacher who would tie our hair..i will be the first la most of the time..ahaha…the best is when i get to give speech during the concert..and three years in the row!! many fond memories abt kindies..miss those days…but humans need to grow to learn..hehe 🙂

    Adino: Beach? Wow what a nice kindy!

  7. I don’t remember much about my kindy days except that I tripped and knocked onto the corner of a table which gave me quite a shock as it was my first ‘fall’ which bled and left a scar on my eye brow! Sob! sob! 🙂

    Adino: Such a painful memory. Somehow I can’t remember falling down when I was young. Maybe I already blocked out all those memories!

  8. Hey, i found ur page while searching for Chim Kindergarten. I was from Tadika Chim too. I love the school. I remember the art classes that we have outside the class near the entrance. Wah…we have a painting board and lots of paint. We were all painting like a pro…it was all great memories i have there. I also remember constantly looking outside the door to make sure my dad never left. I was in 4A class back then.
    And most of all, i love the playground. The slide is my favourite and that thing that we can turn…
    well…that was like 18 years back…
    i’d definitely send my child there if i have any…

    Adino: Yes yes I remember the art classes outside!


    I don’t remember what my class was, but it was upstairs on the right hand side of the stair case.

    I don’t remember the slide… must be something new. 18 years back for you but 25 years back for me!

  9. cant 4get my kingdergarden n so miss

    Adino: I miss it too! Happy times, innocent times. The world was a better place.

  10. Hey Adino, I was doing a search on the internet on Chim Kindergarten and saw this post of yours. I’ll definitely go check out the kindie and see how my son may like it 🙂

    Adino: That’s great Penny! But remember I was there 25 years ago hehe. Do update how it is like now… my daughter is just a couple of years away from kindie too.

  11. i was from grace, class of 1985. I don’t remember a single person from there though

    Adino: I can’t really remember either 😛

  12. I remember counting and writing from 1 to 100. And of course, the headmistress with the killer beehive hair. But during my time, there was no upstairs and all classes were conducted in downstairs only classrooms. I also remember Uncle Lim, the Chim Kindergarten bus driver. Heard that he is still the defacto bus driver for the Kindy recently. My son goes there now.

    Adino: Great memories!

  13. i went to chim too and i believe we were in the same class in sri petaling primary four

    Adino: Your name does sound familiar but I can’t remember your face 🙂

  14. I went to Chim Kindergarten in 1981…at D’Sara….I remember the sweet teacher Ms Janice….I remember these sweet girls Jeniffer, Sophia & Rita….lol
    what year did you go to Chim….???

    Adino: I think I attended the PJ branch around 1985.

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