Chee Cheong Fun Meal from Ipoh

Last Sunday we had an enjoyable and simple meal of Chee Cheong Fun with some fried stuff bought from Ipoh.

We usually eat it with some red sauce, roasted sesame seeds and soya sauce.

Sometimes Poey Chin will cook up some mushroom sauce.

I have not gotten used to is the red sauce so sometimes I ask Poey Chin to prepare the brown sweet sauce I’m used to in KL.

Sometimes I just have it plain with some soya sauce.

Costs are increasing… Even this humble meal from Ipoh has increased by 10 sen per piece.

As I grow older I find pleasure in simple meals instead of expensive luxuries. A slice of toast with butter and kaya, half boiled eggs and coffee always makes a nice meal.

1 thought on “Chee Cheong Fun Meal from Ipoh”

  1. Oh I like that photo above.

    Hey red sauce is yummy. I think the chee cheong fun in KL Chinatown one is using red sauce.
    I also don’t go for expensive food luxury except once in a long blue moon.

    Adino: Thanks, I tried using some filter hehe. Red sauce is nice but I still prefer the sweet brown sauce most of the time.

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