Cecilia or Caleb

Paper family by Elix Atsoram

Today is going to be a special day.

We’re going to the hospital for a 4D real time ultrasound scan. Until today, I’m not convinced it is necessary but it gives us a bit of peace of mind, plus we will finally confirm if our third child will be a boy or girl.

We have chosen two names for the baby, one girl name and one boy name.

In the past we’ve gone over some names like Aries, Yuna, and even baby Anakin.

For Poey Chin and myself, there are very few requirements for a name:

  1. Must be tease-proof
  2. Must not clash with any relatives
  3. Must not be in the top ten popular names
  4. Preferable if short
  5. Preferable if elders can pronounce it

So we went through hundreds of boy names.

We shortlisted Damon and Derek because it would be a nice match to our baby Daryl. But in the end, it would cause endless confusion.

So Caleb is our choice if Baby 3.0 is a boy.

Poey Chin had final say on boy names, and I chose the girl name.

There was only one name ever in my mind all the time, Cecilia.

No other name brings to mind images of sweetness and innocence. Okay innocence is stretching it but just forget her recent scandals.

See this video to see what I mean.

So we will finally find out today.

I am also quite nervous because I hope the baby is fine and healthy, but you never know. There is that small chance that things can go wrong.

Photo by Elix Atsoram


1 thought on “Cecilia or Caleb”

  1. 4D ultrasound? technology nowadays so canggih!

    I thought Cecilia is too common but it’s a nice name.
    I like Caleb too… unique and not many people with this name.

    Adino: Yeah, they can form 3D images from ultrasound, then sequence those images together in an animation.

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