Really Sleepy Today

I’m really tired today. On Monday and Tuesday I did some exercise, and my body was already extremely tired. Last night while trying to sleep my evil pet dog Sushi the Shih Tzu kept growling and barking at the people upstairs. Sigh. Did I mention that I have elephants living upstairs? All night it’s bump bump THUMP THUMP SLAM!

Right now I’m feeling groggy, a bit dizzy and disorientated. I feel a bit moody, but I’m not going to let that affect me at work today.

I’m Hurting All Over

I spent two hours tonight setting up a steel rack I bought from Poey Chin’s cousin. It’s a seven foot high times three feet wide rack that I got really cheap. It’s white and made of steel so it was really heavy too.

The assembly required me to hammer in the parts to fit each other because they just wouldn’t slide in. I live in a condo, mind you. I was sweating not only because it was hard work, but because I’m worried that the people downstairs will complain.

Anyway, all my muscles are aching, my knees hurt and I’ve got ringing in my ears.

My question is… why wasn’t the rack designed to use screws or bolts?

But it was worth all the pain. Tonight Poey Chin looked so proud of me when she saw the completed rack! 😉