Letters to My Grandchildren 2 – Your Hard Life

Dear grandchildren,

How’s your life now? You’re probably working and living in Indonesia, Philippines, Bangladesh, Myanmar or in China. I know your life is hard.

Did you know that Ah Kung’s great-grandfather came from China to Malaya to work in the tin mines of Ipoh? Isn’t it ironic that your generation may be going back to China, our homeland?

You might ask me how Ah Kung (grandpa) knows that you will have to work overseas. You see, Ah Kung is wise.

Within the past few months our fifth Malaysian Prime Minister declared several mega projects in parts of the country. The total costs is initially quoted at tens of billions, but we all know how those costs can balloon to triple the budget. Not to mention the lucrative ‘inspection’ and ‘refurbishment’ contracts.

There are several documented cases of waste in spending public funds.

It seems weird that with all the development going on, only a select few seem to be prospering. Perhaps those of you in the future will know what happened.

Our country is also running out of oil.

Our country sells company divisions for one Euro.

We are taking a multi billion dollar loan from China to build a bridge.

It is estimated by some parties that in the coming election, billions more will be spent to win over the hearts of voters.

So you see, my dear grandchildren… the actions of the people three generations before you will bring our country into debt and poverty.

Our education system is so flawed that our degrees and diplomas can be used as toilet paper if we go overseas.

I totally understand your choice to go overseas to work as maids and construction workers. Maybe if some of you are tall and strong like me, you will be working as security guards.

I’m not blaming you.

In any case, stay strong. Choose your friends wisely. Obey the laws of the land. Bless your employers. Rest in the Lord.

Ah Kung and Ah Ma

Letters to My Grandchildren 1 – Life in 2007

Hello grandchildren! I have not met any of you yet, but I’m thinking about you today. There is a 7% chance that I may not live to see you in this world, so I thought I’d say all that I want to say first. (I hope someone is renewing my domain name and web hosting accounts… I better put that in my will!)

Greetings to you, my dear grandchildren, from your Ah Kung (grandpa) Adino and Ah Ma (grandma) Poey Chin.

I’d just like to share to you how life is like in the year 2007.

1) I hope your parents are treating you well. Ah Kung and Ah Ma will try to raise them with our best efforts, and with the grace of God your parents should have founded a loving Christian family for you.

2) One bowl of noodles cost RM3.50 (small) and RM3.80 (big). Imagine that! You must be wondering how much we could buy with so little money. We still have coins in our currency, it’s called “sen” and we can buy about two sweets with 10 sen. We still have the one sen coin, but it’s so worthless that supermarkets give it away for free.

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