Casual Saturday Baby Photos

Here are some more photos I took last weekend, during baby Rachel’s feeding time.

Her tiny hands compared to mine. Notice how her fingers are long like mine.
This photo was from earlier in the week, she just came home from photo therapy. I included our wedding portraits in the shot to remind myself that our marriage has gone to a new level.
The full bloom of Rachel’s eyes.
Are you talking to me? Are YOU, talking… to ME?
Another shot of hands, this time with mama’s hands too.
This is a view of my condo hall. Sorry for the mess. I had to wait for the wind to blow the curtain up and take this shot. Normally the curtain obscures the view of our hall from the outside corridor.
Goodbye ko-ko and jie-jie, uncle and auntie… see you again!

15 thoughts on “Casual Saturday Baby Photos”

  1. Uh, photo therapy? What’s that?

    Adino: Photo therapy is a treatment for jaundiced babies, where they’re put under a blue light for a few days.

  2. Are you talking to me? Are YOU, talking?EUR? to ME?

    Ahahaha… that line above just cracked me up!

    Lovely photos of daddy, mommy n baby. *sigh*

    Adino: Hehe…

  3. how come rachel is beautiful n u r not? mus b from the mother hahahahahahah …is so geram i see her i want to hold her.

    Adino: Hehehe… I agree! I have two darlings now…

  4. wuah i mus sue yenjai for defamation of character hahahahahahaaha i mus ask who is the lawyer for grand saga hahahaahahahhhahhh

    Adino: Hehe… but seriously if you want I can hide the comment?

  5. Now you have two important ladies in your life, feel great? 😛

    Adino: It feels great, but I still have to adjust to this new lifestyle…

  6. Baby Rachel will be doing the adjustments for you!!

    Beautiful baby and lovely parents!

    Adino: Thanks for your compliments! You should try starting your own blog. You seem quite natural at it!

  7. Hey…Thanks so much for dropping by my humble blog! Am glad to read that you’re a brand new papa! What a fantastic occupation! One that will stick to you for life! Hope your wife is resting as much as possible. One lil fler can cause heaps of havoc!! (also..heaps of laundry!!! 😉 )

    Plus, watching TV ain’t so s-exciting anymore…watchin Rachel is better! HA HA HA! Take care!

    Adino: Rachel does come with her share of cleaning duties and she’s taking a lot of our time!

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