Caleb’s First Birthday

One year has passed so quickly. The experience of Caleb’s birth is still fresh in my mind.

Last week we celebrated Caleb’s first birthday.

We ordered a beautiful carrot cake from Carrot Cut.

caleb first birthday cake

I have to confess, I wasn’t as excited about Caleb’s first birthday compared to Rachel’s first birthday. I guess by the time you have your 3rd kid, everything becomes pretty routine.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t love Caleb any less that his brother and sister. In fact, you could say he’s a bit special because he’s my youngest and he’ll always be our baby.

Caleb is really becoming an active boy. I don’t know how to explain, but somehow Rachel and Daryl are starting to accept Caleb in their “play group”.

Maybe when he was younger we protected Caleb from his siblings, or maybe he didn’t respond very much to them.

caleb and daryl chang aug 2012

Caleb will try to talk with his brother and sister, he will crawl after them and scream together with them. So I guess he’s joining the gang.

Oh yeah, back to the birthday.

By now you will know we have the same food at our kids birthday parties. There were noodles, dessert, red eggs, salad. So I didn’t take any photos.

I did take a lot of videos though.

This time there was something different. Roast pork / siu yoke! I think my dad bought it from Kota Kemuning.

roast pork siu yoke

We invited our family, and all of Caleb’s cousins came and (I hope) they had lots of fun.

Here’s a photo of all the kids with our kids’ godmother.

caleb birthday party

Caleb eating his birthday cake.

caleb and mummy eating cake

Happy Birthday Caleb. I love you so much.




4 thoughts on “Caleb’s First Birthday”

  1. Yeah I like the 2nd pict too. They’re like twins!

    Happy Belated 1st Birthday to Caleb!

    Adino: Thanks! At the rate Caleb is growing, he might be bigger sized that Daryl in a few years.

  2. Our baby so fast one year old eh? Feels like i just gave birth to him..:( gonna miss him being a cuddly and small n cute. Mummy love u very much Caleb! You will always be our baby! Muah!

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