Caleb Week 3 Photos

Happy September!

Here’s even more photos of baby Caleb taken last weekend, when he was about three weeks old.

Once again it’s baby photo season here at my blog haha.

For a change, I switched back to my kit lens to try and get some different perspectives.

A very cute photo of him sleeping on Poey Chin’s arm.

caleb chang week 3 1

When the two older kids are out of the house, we let him sleep on a mattress in the living room.

caleb chang week 3 2

I got this photo of Caleb looking like he’s smiling in his dreams.

caleb chang week 3 3

He’s grown taller and heavier, my (unprofessional) estimate is he’s gained 20% in size.

In the next photo you can see how small he is. Not even as big as one of our pillows.

caleb chang week 3 4

Rachel is starting to act up. I don’t know why she’s waking up in the middle of the night asking for milk again. It was so hard to get her off the habit last time.

I’m so tired because when she whines, I get upset. And after that I find it so difficult to fall asleep.

Daryl is enjoying his new found freedom and mobility on his feet. He wants to walk everywhere, and the scary part is he has no concept of danger. So we’re always watchful.

I’m playing with the idea of upgrading to one of the newer Nikon bodies, especially those that have video recording function.

I also heard from my colleague that the newer models have better image sensors that work better in low light and indoors.

But now is not the right time to spend more money, so it will only remain as an idea.

I’ll learn to make full use of what I have.

5 thoughts on “Caleb Week 3 Photos”

  1. i have lost interest in upgrading my camera, my priorities seem to b evolving nowadays. 🙂 soon you will have quite a handful on yr hands, it seems like it was only yesterday when Rachel was born.

    Adino: Yeah time passed so quickly.

  2. Love the way baby sleep… last picture.

    I’m thinking of upgrading my camera and lens as well but like you… yeah not the right time. Use what I have and get the best of it.

    Adino: Yeah they look so peaceful when they’re asleep. Just hope camera equipment will continue to get cheaper!

  3. Congrats Adino for the 3rd bb!! You are blessed with 3 cuties! Just got to check out your blog.. really interesting & entertaining ha ha.. Will get to know you more as I read more.. Bye for the moment.. Thanks for visiting our blog…
    Benjamin & Anniina’s Mum

    Adino: Thanks! Your kids are cuties too!

  4. Time does indeed fly. Once u were so gung-ho absorbed in yr music, yr dog, yr career n IT. Of coz church hasnt faded away but gotten stronger. But now yr reply to Jasmine sounds so auntie 🙂 Aii sigh, how the times have changed 🙂

    where have all the adinos gone 🙂

    Adino: Yeah, I guess things have changed. I suppose those things never really go away, just temporarily put on hold.

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