Caleb First Week Photos

Here are some photos I took last week, basically managed to snap a few photos before I went to work.

The whole of last week was crazy busy at work and at home.

After he came home from hospital he spent a lot of time sleeping, but as the days went on, he woke up more frequently to cry for milk.

Now he’s feeding every 1 to 1.5 hours.

201108 caleb chang w1 1

I took this photo to show you how skinny he is. Not to worry though, at the rate he’s feeding he will be chubby in no time at all.

201108 caleb chang w1 2

Side profile. He’s got my ears and eyes.

201108 caleb chang w1 3

He’s wearing Daryl’s baby clothes, so he reminds me of Daryl.

201108 caleb chang w1 4

Frowny frowny.

From what we’ve observed, he’s quite melancholic. Poey Chin says he’s inherited moodiness from me.

I hope we’re wrong, because he’ll be so serious and moody all the time.

201108 caleb chang w1 5

We’re so thankful that his jaundice was not as bad as Rachel and Daryl. Both of them had to be hospitalized for phototherapy but Caleb was fine.

We were so relieved. It’s quite sad to see them drawing blood from your baby and having to leave him in hospital. Honestly I was also relieved that we could avoid another round of hospital bills.

Poey Chin is recovering very quickly. She’s had her dressing removed and doctor said everything is fine.


1 thought on “Caleb First Week Photos”

  1. Precious! 🙂
    Ohh can’t wait to see a chubbier Caleb. Hehe

    Good to know everything’s fine with wife and son.

    Adino: Thanks hehe… if you see Daryl’s Second Week Photos post, can see the two brothers similar features.

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