Busy Sunday

Today was a really productive day again. I managed to settle a lot of the planning for my wedding, but we are really getting behind schedule. There seems to be so many things to do!

Anybody have a LCD projector to spare? I need one for my wedding dinner, and the hotel is charging RM1,500 to rent their projector.

Today in church I felt really weird because I was playing the bass guitar without a drummer. Most of our youth were away to Ipoh for a youth service there, and our church was left without our drummer and backup drummer for the day. I tried to provide a steady groove and rhythym, but I don’t think I sounded as well as I should have. I was playing even in the two and four beats because I didn’t want to leave any space there, but I hope I didn’t end up distracting everyone.

Thankfully the slow songs provided me some breathing space. I didn’t play and let the piano and guitar play a soft accompanyment for two or three songs. I only came in to build up the song or to provide some strong beats to some verses.

Overall I don’t think I did very well. What I learned is I need to practice more on providing a groove for the band, because I think I have been too dependant on the drummer for that part.

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