Bridal Photos Part 4

I am pleased to share with you all some photos of me and my beautiful darling. This is the final part in the series of photos. After lunch we went back to the photo studio to take some indoor shots.

I like the following two because the shape of her dress looks so nice.

Well, I hope you enjoyed viewing the photos!

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6 thoughts on “Bridal Photos Part 4”

  1. u two look so lovely. I have counted the 2 weeks to yr wedding from this post 1st June so it is on the 15th. I can’t make it

    Best wishes for a happy future 🙂 and may God forever bless your union and may you have enough to man a volleyball team .children that is hahahahaah

    Adino: It’s actually on the 16th, and I would have loved for you to attend (since you did say you wanted to come and I said you could if you flew over here). Thanks for the good wishes, I hope I don’t have so many children to man a volleyball team. Maybe badminton team will do haha. Hope you have a great week here in KL.

  2. I came to look at the pics . U two look such a lovely couple. U two especially looked cool in the both in white ( u in white coat n trousers both on sofa i think..u two both like Hong Kong celebrities 🙂

    in this part 4 both of u look fantastic..i jus couldnt smiling back when looking at the both of u smile 🙂

    Adino: Thanks BengBeng, many people said they like the white colour set too. We could only choose about 40 pictures for our album, and we decided to have more outdoor shots instead of indoor shots. There are actually a lot of funny shots with that white sofa that we didn’t get back from the photo studio.

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